An Unusual Entrepreneur #2

In an earlier post, I had introduced Sridhar Vembu, as An Unusual Entrepreneur.

Today I highlight Pratik Gauri, a 29 year old serial entrepreneur, who is yet another unusual entrepreneur. I hadn’t heard of him before reading this post on Flipboard. I found his work to be unusual, interesting and deeply meaningful!

From a very young age, Pratik had the clarity that he wants to create companies that not only make profits but also leave a positive impact on the society. He wanted to connect a company’s purpose with profit and consequently make this world a better place to live. His inspiration – Steve Jobs (Apple) and Elon Musk (Tesla Cars).

Pratik is associated with a number of organisations with his core vision of creating/making companies focus on purpose and profits. An amazing vision especially for someone so young. The world is a better place already with people like him.

Pratik believes that it’s time for the world to transition into the 5th industrial revolution. He is trying to uproot a long-standing belief amongst entrepreneurs that profits and purpose cannot co-exist. Pratik with his portfolio companies since the age of 16 has proven that one can make more profits if they have a larger purpose.

The following article from Entrepreneur magazine speaks about Pratik’s vision – This 29-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur Is Helping World To Move Towards 5th Industrial Revolution

As part of our work through ShikshaDaan, we have come across a similar concept with two of our partners – English Helper and V-Shesh. Both these “social” projects are companies that make profits but don’t profiteer.

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