An Ergonomic Chair !

Long back when we had the computer centre and the book shop in Anna Nagar, Chennai, we had two ergonomic chairs to sit on … one each for Krishnan and I. We left them behind when we shut down the two businesses and ever since, we have had those chairs only in the office but not at home.

Now that most of our work happens over the laptop, we decided to get a proper ergonomic chair for our work table. I looked around for options on Amazon and found Amazon’s own brand Solimo had this office chair that looked pretty neat. Ordered it and it came in a partially knockdown packing.

I put it together with the Allen key they had provided. It was fun putting it together since I like all mechanical things. I have kept all of Appa’s tools and then added the cycling tools too. Allen keys are no stranger to us as most of the cycle tool kits have them in several sizes.

Ergonomic chair
A very comfortable office chair from Amazon.

The table is yet to be setup correctly as many things have moved around during the recent home makeover.

This chair is really comfortable and I have used it now for a couple of days. The height can be adjusted as can the back tilt. The wheels move freely. What more do you need ! Its high back, so provides enough support to the back. Once we got the chair, we realised that we should have done it much earlier. The regular wooden or plastic chairs that we have at home don’t work very well when you need to type or be on a call for a long time.

The only other thing that we might have to change is the work table. We do want to find a table that can be adjusted to work while standing or sitting as needed. We don’t like sitting for long hours so during long calls or long hours of typing we could just stand and continue to work. If any reader in India has suggestions for such a table, please share in the comments.

A throwback pic 👇

ergonomic chair - Avoda
From 1995 …. me on the first ergonomic chair that we bought for the computer centre

That huge monitor and the Intel 286 PC was very much state-of-the-art computer in 1995. Not to miss the rotary dial red phone !! What a luxury that was :):). This picture brought back a flood of bittersweet memories.

Appa had kept this red chair for a few years after we moved everything to Hyderabad.

Do read – Bankruptcy to ShikshaDaan !! to know what happened to this red office chair :).

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