One Scorpio less

There was a time you wanted this to be a special birthday.. When you turned 40. I think you have changed your mind about what you wanted, and am glad you have. From asking about glue tag to helping Krishnan surprise me with a television, from removing the fork and knife and asking me to eat the Pizza by hand to shifting the boxes between 12B to 2A at Navkala – there is a lifetime of shared memories. I helped frame your mom’s paintings and you helped frame my views on the hospitality industry – our shared love of books and differing tastes in music. An amazing friendship and then the long vacuum … Gap, not vacuum.

The company where we met is nearly gone, the company we had is spread far and wide. Some friendships survived and many just withered away. Many try and re-establish contact through the myriad channels today, but the few friendships that mattered, continue… The rest were anyway not meant to be.

How strange life is – you took the keys to our first house and have never come to visit !! We miss having you around, miss the easy banter, the sharp intellect and above all the warmth. Ten years is a long time … And you are around the corner, have learnt to drive and know our address. It will take you ten minutes to reach and ten seconds for us to pick up where we left our last argument 🙂 and ten days after today anyway we move to your favourite city Bangalore.

Many many happy returns of your special day, dear friend – we miss a Scorpio in our lives. Will you call ? Or atleast answer my phone when I call to wish.

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