An amazing birthday !

Before I could mope about the fact that we didn’t go out somewhere for a trek or a safari or just sight seeing for my birthday, I was super thrilled with the way my 43rd year was ushered in. My soul sister Vidya came in the morning from the UK and we got lunch with her and Anand ! Even more amazing were the flowers that kept coming in – first, the most amazing flower arrangement from Krishnan, then Anu (we both are born on the same day and year) surprised me with beautiful flowers, office sent flowers and then in the evening two of my closest friends dropped by again with an amazing bunch of flowers and chocolates.

The plan was to go to Srinagar to see the Tulips bloom…. And Ranjeet did that on my behalf. ShikshaDaan was born two days before and we have been explaining the concept and getting suggestions ideas and tons of support.

Why this birthday is amazing is also because 15 years back – on April 6th, we were staring down an abyss that was 18 Lakh deep… And 15 years later we have setup ShikshaDaan which will fund millions of people to get educated… Long years, but years spent climbing the right mountains 🙂



2 thoughts on “An amazing birthday !”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday Bindu. Can’t believe I missed it. Hope you had a wonderful day, (which by all accounts you did) and wish you a great year ahead.

    Wish you a Happy New Year too.


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