Ambidextrous Organizations & Go With the Flow !

Mr. Sanjiv Mehta, President Unilever was the first external speaker at the PGPMax Leadership Summit 2021. Great learnings again. What an amazing career :).


Ambidextrous Organizations – Mr. Sanjiv Mehta’s session

Some of the learnings from Mr. Mehta’s session – Every disruption leads to big change; The pandemic is accelerating change !! For e.g Hindustan Unilever has come up with a mouthwash that fights the virus and their sanitizer production has been ramped up 100x.

Guess what, 700,000 retailers now place contact less orders with HUL…. how cool is that !

The statement of the session – A snake that cannot cast its skin must die, organization has to be ambidextrous.

Mr. Sanjiv Mehta shared that he had spent a couple of days with Mr. Narayan Murthy to understand how they sustain growth at Infosys. He spoke of how taking insights from a completely different industry is very helpful. Brilliant moderation by Shitendra Bhattacharya.

Go with the Flow

The next session was with Mr. Sanjay Nayar, CEO & Board Member, KKR & Co. Inc. India. A totally delightful session. Mr. Nayar spoke of how the tax reforms (GST), Bankruptcy code, the digital push and corporate governance will have far reaching impacts. He also spoke of how all Govt. asset sale today is through e-auctions making the process transparent. A different climate !

Ambidextrous Sanjay Nayar

While speaking about his journey Mr. Nayar spoke of how he just went with the flow even when he didn’t particularly like a change. He also mentioned how every change was good. (My Mantra in life – all change is for the good).

Mr. Nayar focussed a lot on family offices and how those will be the future impact creators as the investments made by the family offices are more permanent. He gave the example of Mr. Premji’s family office and the investments they have made into the community.

Amreshwar was a great moderator for this session with Mr. Nayar. 👏

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