A few firsts

Today’s sari post is about three first time saris. The very first one is the first Silk cotton sari that I bought about 5 years back. I was at Kumaran stores with Kashiana and saw this sari. I bought a few others and left it thinking its some new fangled silk cotton that I don’t want to try. But the color stayed with me … Fuchsia pink is difficult to ignore and its a colour I love. So I went back the next day and bought it. The other special memory attached to it is, I wore this sari when I was a panel member on Mehraj’s program, Money Matters, talking about women in corporate boards, in Aug 2012. I was running temperature so the AV guys came home. This time I wore it a couple of days back and again I was running temperature :):).

fuchsia pink collage

The neckpiece is a string of multicoloured beads that I picked up from a flea market at Cappacdocia, Turkey. I love this piece as its perfect for plain saris. The blouse is a Khunn.

The next saris are my first “Byloom” saris. I saw many of the W3 members mentioning the “Byloom” saris and wearing them, so I immediately checked out their online store and bought two of them. These are supersoft cotton and such a pleasure to wear.

byloom collage

Vidya Nagaraj, the cream coloured one has your living room as the background :). This was when we came to your place on our way to Munnar. The green byloom picture is taken at Thomas’ restaurant at Munnar, the day we were driving to Allepey.

The next sari is my first Begumpuri … again learnt about them from W3 and Jaishree and Sreemathy wore the black tulip and broke my resolve. That beauty is on its way to me but in the meantime, Devika had posted about this Begumpuri on her Ithy-Adee page. I loved the pista green and am so glad that I bought it. Cant get over the superfine weaving and its hard to believe that something so amazing and sheer is handwoven. Also so glad I am born in India and can enjoy all these amazing weaves. Thanks Devika. Just loved this one. I was running fever when I wore it the day before yesterday but felt better instantly :). Thats the effect of this beauty.

begumpuri collage

The last slice of this picture is the border and just look at the skill of the weaver … so perfect!

Am wearing a multicoloured stone string from Desh Maheshwari with this and a Khunn blouse.

Girls, young women out there, please buy handloom saris and wear them – they are the most affordable art around. You can drape a sari in 100s of ways and go from formal, to party wear to outing with parents outfit just by changing the blouse and the drape. Nothing else offers this kind of versatility !



9 thoughts on “A few firsts”

  1. Bindu, Sarees look more beautiful as the person wearing these is equally lovely and a wonderful personality. Keep smiling!

  2. Yes Bindu.i agree with Renuka’s comment and it’s really amazing how you manage to get so much information about each saree that u wear..hats off to u and your curiosity..

  3. Lovely. Bindu. I love Silk Cotton for its convenience. I have been ogling at Byloom sarees for a while; may be its time to get one. 🙂

    • Yes Aruna. Do get a Byloom. Also visit the Mumbai Cooptex showroom. You will be blown away by their service and the range of sarees. They have some amazing silk cottons from Chinalampatti that are just outstanding.

  4. Great thoughts on the handloom sarees ! Throughly agree on the fact that the convenience of changing trends and versatility with our Indian sarees. Had been to vadambacheri sometime witnessing the way a sari is born …. Hats off to those creators …. Proudly Indian !


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