A day without phones :)

I forgot both my phones at home today. I picked up some things in both hands and never missed the phones. I realised it only when I was parking at the office and I had no patience to drive back and get them. Initially I asked Bala if she could find someone to go home and get the phones, then said “no” and wanted it to be a phone-free day !

Surprisingly I got a lot more done :):) I know many friends who are addicted to their blackberry or smart phone and keep checking every few minutes if a new email popped up or a new Whatsapp joke or Facebook comment or SMS ! I usually put phones on silent mode during weekends and during meetings. I have never gotten so addicted.

Today was a breeze to manage without the phone. Yes the office desk phone was available and that made it easy. Don’t think we can be without “a” phone but somehow the cellphone is also very intrusive. You are already connected to emails and chat through your laptop, so why do you need to look into the phone all the time ?? If you are in emergency services, I completely agree with the need to be constantly available, but majority of us are merely addicted. Use the phone, it’s a great invention, but don’t become it’s slave. And yes, keeping the phone on your pillow or the bedside table, waking up in the middle of the night and reading some email – terrible news for good sleep. Keep the phone away and sleep well, use an alarm to wake up if need be.

Again, use the great inventions, but becoming their slaves is not helping anyone.

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