A Beautiful Himroo

Yesterday was my birthday according to the Hindu calendar. To celebrate I wore the beautiful Himroo saree that I had worn last year for our anniversary.

On the left is the pic from Sept 7, 2021 and on the right is from Mar 23, 2022

Himroo – A two year wait

I first spotted this beauty on Kalpavastram‘s page on Dec 1, 2018. I immediately messaged Lakshmi and said I wanted it. Unfortunately it got sold before I could get it. Lakshmi promised to get another one in the same colour combination woven again.

Somehow it never got woven again till Dec 2020. Lakshmi messaged me on Dec 23 saying my favourite Himroo was available. I bought it immediately. When I opened the package, for a few minutes I was just speechless. It is so beautiful !!

The silk is buttery and the weaving is mesmerising. I don’t know the intricacies involved in the weaving of the Himroo, but am sure its complex and requires great skill. The saree is a dream to drape, you just don’t want to take it off.

What is a Himroo Saree ?

Do read Himroo – Fighting to Survive. Its sad to see that our handwoven beauties don’t have patrons just because the power loom products are cheaper. It all started during the British era and the slide since then has never been stemmed … India remained poor for nearly 6 decades after the Brits left. But now, there is hope.

Handlooms are making a comeback as they should. Invest in handlooms, they are the most affordable art that you can invest in. It also helps the weaver to feed his family !!

A Saree a day …. Sparks joy Everyday !!

#ILoveHandloom #IWearHandloom

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