I have always had a “weight” problem – since I was in my twenties !! I would keep hoping it was something simple like thyroid and miraculously the weight would melt away, but it never does. I do manage to lose weight, but can’t keep it away. The genes I inherited aren’t helping, since mum also gains weight easily, and dad also had the same ability. So after some deep thinking, I have come to a few conclusions – I need to exercise everyday and not eat at night. I don’t eat a lot but every now and then there are weeks of night bingeing that just adds layers !!

I want to make a commitment to Krishnan – that’s the way it will work. So here’s my public commitment – I won’t eat at night except for a salad or fruits and I would exercise everyday for the next one year and the next March 14th, I will be at 65 kilos or under and stay that way.

Now I can’t not do what I promise to Krishnan 🙂 and that too a promise given on our 23rd meeting anniversary.

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