3D 30 years later – oh George !

I know “Gravity” is probably old news, but Krishnan and I went and saw it today. Liked it, it’s probably the closest experience of seeing Earth from space, atleast in this lifetime. Unless ofcourse space travel becomes an affordable hobby.

Krishnan and my first experience of a 3D movie was “My dear kuttichathan” that I saw with mum and dad in Hyderabad and Krishnan saw in Chennai. Strangely enough, the trend of 3D movies didn’t catch up too much and I don’t remember any major Indian movie being made in 3D while the theatre, sound, and filming have progressed so much !! The 3D glasses came with a wet tissue to clean them, nice touch, but as we left the theatre the same scramble to collect them back – no change there. I don’t know why George Clooney accepted to act in this movie – it’s Sandra Bullock all the way !! Anybody could have been the male astronaut, because we couldn’t see George and his brown eyes behind that transparent helmet. All his good looks wasted in space 🙂

Nisha – something you didn’t know about George, He shares my date of birth and shares Krishnan’s year of birth. No wonder he is gorgeous !!! :):)

Correction – Wikipedia says George is born on May 6 not April 6. Well, atleast we share the number 6 and Krishnan ofcourse shares the year. Not bad.

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