2012 Jan 1

Finally I decided to blog and had to find a name …. Why 90 Rolls Royces ? Osho had 90 Rolls Royces and what better example of supposed contradictions – a sanyasi and wealth. Guess the 90 Rolls Royces also sum up Osho, sanyas is not renunciation .. Live with awareness, the world is made of things that you should enjoy but look for what death cant take away and own that 🙂

So my blog had to have something from Osho and since I can’t have the sanyas I chose the next best 90 Rolls Royces of his – where are they I wonder !!

I dedicate all the 90 Rolls Royces and every word of anything I write to Krishnan for making our life more beautiful and more valuable than the 90 Rolls Royces … Thanks Love.

3 thoughts on “2012 Jan 1”

  1. I totally agree with Krishnan. Yeti wud have been more apt.Anyways whts in a name Amma….We wud leave tht aside and let your Pen do the talking. Wht say Bindu?Gr888 start to 2012.


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