100 years of being “Mappila”

Aug 20, 1921 – Malabar Hindus and their Mappila

A lady was stripped naked, her husband and brothers were held at sword point and made to watch her being raped repeatedly. Pregnant women were killed by cutting open their womb. Expensive clothes were forcibly removed and the wearer made to beg on the streets. Men asked to dig their own graves and some burnt or skinned alive. Cows and calves slaughtered and their intestines put on Murtis inside temples.

All of the above, repeated day after day for nearly six months till 2500 people were butchered, another 2000+ were forcibly converted and nearly 25000+ people became refugees in their own land. Do read the detailed account – Moplah Hindu Genocide , 1921.

Mappila Genocide

The Mallapuram Mappilas’ blood thirst hasn’t subsided even now after 100 years….

Mappila means son-in-law. 100 years back, on Aug 20, 1921 – the Mappila Muslims butchered 2500+ Hindus, 25000+ Hindus became refugees and nearly 100 temples were razed to the ground. To top that Hindus were forced by the father of the nation to “forgive” the butchers.

The Moplah genocide made Kerala Hindus as refugees and 70 years later in 1990, the Kashmiri Hindus were made refugees in their own country. History repeats itself, again and again. 🤬

Reposting a detailed Gut Wrenching tweet thread here – The Moplah Genocide of Malabar Hindus.

1  What we are witnessing today is history being turned into a graveyard of facts. Distortians are trying their best to wipe clean this tragic chapter of recent history  in a bid to build an even more toxic narrative pertaining to the #MoplahGenocideOfMalabarHindus 

2  The first step is to correctly call it by its real name. It was not the 'Moplah "Rebellion" or "Riots" ' as distortians tell us. We must refer to it correctly, as: The Savage Moplah Genocide of Malabar H's 

3 How and why did things turn so horrific in Aug of 1921? Who were the Moplahs? This was no sudden or sporadic occurrence due to the sustained, inflammatory preaching, so then why? 

4 The origins of the Mappila/Moplah can b traced to 8th/9th century, during which period there was continuous interaction of the Arab merchants permanently settled in Malabar who began to marry the Hindu women. They became the 'Mapilla' or 'Moplah' meaning son-in-law /damaad 

5 Over the course of time the Arabs lost their hold over trade and commerce in the Malabar region, they were overtaken by the Portuguese and thereafter other wealthier clans of traders 

6 They lost wealth and power, were reduced to hired farmhands/labourers working under the 'cursed infidel Hindus'. Twas a matter of time they became mercenaries/freelance plunderers, engaged in attacking well-to-do villages comprising majority H's 

7 The latent anger at being subordinate to the 'infidel' H's bubbled forth in a nauseating pattern, they became a recurring source of trouble for the H's living in the villages - bcos of their constant arson, large scale looting, kidnapping H women, r@p!ng them,forced conversion 

8 Records show a minimum of fifty-one incidents of unprovoked major aggression and assaults against H's by the Moplahs predating the gruesome climax of the 1921 Malabar genocide of the H's 

9 Which is why the colonial British Administration was compelled to keep an extremely close watch on the Moplah's - they appointed a local authority as a Resident Magistrate -  one Mr Thakkar, who was charged with monitoring and taking action if and when they stepped out of line 

10 At this stage its important to have a sense of History bcos it reveals an important truth. The truth is the significance of the Ottoman caliphate for the Indian M's of those days 

11 Why was the caliphate so important to Indian M's, even when the Arab world had rejected the caliphate so thoroughly? The answer dates back to Muhammad Bin Qasim, the first foreign M invader to conquer Sindh (at that time, part of undivided Bharat) 

12 That started the successive waves of foreign M invaders who established M empires in different parts of undivided Bharat of different sizes - our then princely States - all the way up to the Mughals - Aurangzeb followed by Tipu Sultan 

13 Without exception these foreign M invaders, who called themselves Sultans - swore loyalty to the caliph. Remember that the caliph had sponsored these early Invaders, funded their armies! Their only aim - to conquer Hindustan and put the sword of !s!am here 

14 The M invader clans swore loyalty to the caliphate /Khalifa for at least 6 centuries! They sent him (the Caliphate) annual gifts- money/gold/jewelry/horses/slave women -ME region had a thriving slave market. Some of them even minted coins in Bharat bearing the name Khalifa! 

15 The caliph also played an extremely central role in aligning all m's from across the world thus fast becoming their new political axis. The Khalifa (caliphate) began to be seen as the religious protector and enforcer of !s!am in the world, wherever M's stayed 

16 The Calpihs reach was global, his authority was universal. BUT with the disintegration of the Mughals when Aurangzeb died, the M leadership in India noticed with great sadness that their magnificent project of !s!amizing all Hindustan was systematically coming apart 

17 To date mny in Pak & India M leadership lament the death of Aurangzeb. In fact, one of the tactics that the Brit had used to ensure loyalty of M's was to convince the M's that they the M's, were the real rulers of India & that Brits were merely their protectors! 

18 This tactic weakened when the Ottoman caliphate crumbled, it also made the Indian M's extremely nervous, insecure & angry 

19 It begins roughly in 1919 when a man named Muhammad Ali Jauhar led a delegation of Indian M's to London. He demanded that the colonial British government restore the caliphate 

20 They laughed at him and dropped his demand in the trashbin. Tat incensed Muhammad Ali Jauhar. Out of this rejection, was born a Khilafat committee, who's demand was to completely boycott and protest against the British government in India until the caliphate was restored 

21 Nothing nationalistic or patriotic there - DO PLS NOTE. The Khilafat committee's ultimate goal was to serve up an !s!amic cause and all means, all methods, all tactics deployed thereafter were valid. Nothing was out of bounds 

22 Muhammad Ali Jauhar + his elder brother Shaukat Ali Jauhar = The Ali Brothers planned, lead & executed the Khilafat movement from the front. These 2 were educated both in the !s!amic whatever education system and Oxford higher education 

23 One of them even served as some kind of a bureaucrat in the Baroda government, was the founder president of the All India M League, which all H's know was directly responsible for Bharats partition 

24 The Ali brothers played a pioneering role in xpanding the influence of the Aligarh Muslim University & Jamia Millia Islamia, which regularly sends their grads to tv studios, who come to prominence on national tv, then build on the movement by taking it forward at ground level 

25 Steps in our esteemed Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi pledging unconditional support to the Ali brothers, That worked like a booster dose for the Khilafat 

26 This support meant that the Ali Brothers suddenly had significant mass of Hindus supporting them, bcos the H's blindly trusted Gandhi’s thinking that they were actually supporting the freedom struggle against the British 

27 Gandhi thought that he was using the Ali brothers to achieve H / M unity, but the Ali brothers were always extremely clear from day one about their objectives, while busy seducing Gandhi! 

28 Ali's also kept the M community in a constant state of preparedness for war and developed an extensive network of imams/ maulanas/mullahs/other M religious preachers throughout the country 

29 The part that we lost to Pakistan is 33% of undivided India. Throughout this vast landmass Ali brothers were successfully cultivating an extraordinary network 

30 From Lahore to Malabar, message & intent on their part was clear:b prepared for aggression @ any time. Readers find the time/read the entire account written by Ali himself–speeches/pamphlets- bcoms clear the level of planning/precise steps for execution wr clinically thot thru 

31 In the summer of 1920 the Ali Brothers launched a series of conferences, meetings and highly provocative public speeches addressing the M community, in various parts of Bharat to restore the Khilafat 

32 Paralelly the Brits who had appointed a local authority as a Resident Magistrate- one Mr Thakkar noted with each passing day the Ali Brothers tone was aggressive, compelling their community to force violence -thru their over zealous angry speeches, escalating fervour & emotion 

33 So Mr. Thakkar decided to do something about it - after a particular round of highly provocative speeches, Mr. Thakkar convicted 6 !s!amic preachers on April 25, 1920. Here is what happened next 

34 The M's quickly collected and gave wind to their angry feelings by loud cries of allahu akbar 

35 This war cry was used by the mob throughout the Genocide, they asked the police to step back in the town of Malegaon, they burnt temples, killed a sub- inspector, threw his body into the fire, looted the houses of poor who opposed the Khilafat movement 

36 Most H's left their properties and fled 

37 What happened in Malegaon started to spread - the next incident, similar in nature repeated in Barabanki in U P where almost the entire H community was barbarically targeted, shops were looted, houses were burnt, men were slaughtered, women were r@p@d 

38 The Ali bro's kept emotions inflamed-twas no let down in provocations-in 1 revealing speech Ali said- it is religiously unlawful for a M to continue in the Brit army, it is the duty of all M to enact the religious commandments,to declare independent M Republic (Dec1921, Abad) 

39 The Brits immediately put both Ali Brothers in jail. From the jail their emissaries carried compelling msgs to the community to do certain acts, they declared that no law has validity if it restrains them from doing those acts which their religion compels them to do 

40 The import is clear as daylight. In another word the Ali Brothers and their message to the M community was -- 'you should obey no law other than the law of their god'. All man-made laws have no validity 

41 The Malabar H's were totally caught off guard on 20th August 1921.The Moplah Genocide of Malabar H's was a nightmare that lasted for nearly two months continuously. A brutal horrific savagery 

42 Slaughter and slavery of H women, fleeing H's, horrific r@p@s, dishonor, wholesale slaughter of men, women, children and infants. Forcibly converting H's en masse or killing those who refused to convert, throwing half dead people into wells with no chance of escape 

43 They would capture all the H's & make them dig ditches for their own graves, bury them alive 

44 Then burning and looting practically all H houses. In this act even the Moplah women and children took part, it was not the men alone who carried out such dastardly acts 

45 The Moplah M crowds forced H women and girls to take off their garments that they were wearing because they were expensive, the H's were reduced to become beggars if they wanted to stay alive 

46 They killed gau matas mercilessly within the temple compounds, pulling out the intestines and then garlanding the murtis with it, they wld display the hanging of skulls of the slaughtered gau matas on the walls and roofs of the mandirs 

47 The Moplahs considered it an act of religion, hacking men in front of their wives. The misery unleashed was beyond description, the Malabar H's were distraught with terror 

48 Old women tottering with faces wrinkled in anguish, cried endlessly. Men lost all hope, desperation loomed large for the H's 

49 Can you conceive of a ghastlier more inhuman crime than the murders of babies and pregnant women? 

50 No words of condemnation, no sorrow, nor unshed tears, can ever be enuff for the horrors of Aug 20 1921 in Malabar 

51 A lawyer lady at Mailatur was stripped by the M's in the presence of her husband and brothers who were forced to watch at sword point, the r@p@ committed by the brutes in their presence 

52 Gut wrenching 

53 This Moplah genocide of the H's is unrivaled in its magnitude and unprecedented in its ferocity 

54 The atrocities perpetrated by the Moplah were seen in countless wells/tanks filled with mutilated half dead bodies of H's who refused to abandon the feet of their ancestors, or their pregnant women - cut into pieces and left on the roadside/in jungles with unborn babies 

55 MKGandhi's blind support to the Khilafat and thereafter lack of regret can never ever be hoodwinked or forgotten 

56 The savage Moplah genocide of Malabar H's will turn a full century on 20th Aug 2021, In its run up to the centenary year we witness a - a concocted, concerted effort to project it either as a labour uprising or link it with freedom struggle - both falsehoods! 

57 Whitewashing of historical facts is underway, vide motivated campaigns to mainstream the massacre & forever graft into the collective conscience, a blurred savagery of 100 yrs ago. Moplah genocide of H's must be alive to face historical scrutiny 

A side note  - if you do venture to do some independant reading - many facts don't show up on Page 1 of Google. Proactive subversion? I dont know. Do get to later pages 4,5,6 and beyond and see the savage stuff buried  in there 

Final submission -the savagery I've read on this horrific saga, I could not even bring myself to tweet on it. It was so chilling, blood curdling. Could not stop the tears rolling down, hurting and gasping for those of our own 100 years ago 

It has taken me a few days to complete this blog post. Reading the horrors that the Hindus went through in 1921 is deeply distressing. We need to have a Hindu genocide museum at least as a mark of respect for the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

For 800 years, our ancestors have withstood the fundamentalist Islamic onslaught. 800 years, let that sink in. Today, we are in an even more precarious situation with several foreign powers and people like George Soros putting in money to break up our country, the last refuge Hindus have.

Our internal enemies abound. A Prashant Bhushan demands citizenship for Rohingyas, the worst kind of marauders who made it all the way from Burma to Kashmir and not to China which was closer. They have then made it from Kashmir to Kerala, Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. The same Prashant Bhushan protests against the CAA. 🙄

All Islamic countries have refused to take in the refugees fleeing from Afghanistan where the Taliban has taken charge. The developed nations do not want to help. The whole world is expecting India to give them shelter. Once they get shelter, food and some energy in their bodies, these same refugees will demand Sharia Law in India.

The way forward ?

Wake up and defend our land, our culture, our glorious traditions and our way of life. Never again should there be a genocide of Hindus on this land. All those Indian Muslims who don’t support these genocides should be more vocal and stand up against fundamentalist Islam. Not saying anything is an easy way out. 😣

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#MoplahGenocideOfMalabarHindus #SaveHinduism

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