Book Review – The Yogi who Became Chief Minister

For those who dislike Modi Ji and Yogi Adityanath, please don’t read further. Save time and get onto whatever important stuff you have to do :).

Shantanu Gupta, the author of this book titled “The Monk who Became Chief Minister” claims that it is the definitive biography of Yogi Adityanath… a claim that maybe a little far fetched. There’s good research but the Yogi biography will be an encyclopaedia not a 300 page book. I also don’t like the substitution of the word “monk” for a Yogi. They are not the same the equivalence assumed is deeply flawed. Just like Dharma and Karma have no equivalent words in other languages …


I will be honest and say that I was skeptical when Yogi Ji took over as the Chief Minister of U.P in 2017. We were unsure of his ability to “play” politics, because managing an unruly state like U.P that has reached the peak of corruption required strong political calculations besides vision and execution.

Our appraisal rating for Yogi Ji is consistently exceeding expectations. We look forward to his becoming the Prime Minister some day. This change in our thought process came on Feb 7th 2019 when we landed in Prayagraj for the Ardh Kumbh – Kumbh 2019 – Hope, Pride and all things Spiritual.

When our auto driver stopped and apologised to a policeman, we knew that Yogi Ji was meant for bigger things !!! Those who live or have lived in the pre-Yogi era would understand what this means.

Book Summary – partial Biography of Yogi Adityanath

A few facts about Yogi Ji from the book .. “As a Nath Yogi, Adityanath has a training and a heritage perhaps unparalleled among political figures today.

Nath Yogis are Hindu Shaivites, but in the universal view of Shaivism and Sanatana Dharma, share their teachings for the benefit of all peoples, regardless of religious or cultural backgrounds. They follow strict vows and practices aimed at both inner spiritual awakening and providing service to humanity. Historically, Nath Yogis served in the protection of temples and holy sites.”

“….. Yogi Adityanath contested and became a member of the Lok Sabha from Gorakhpur in 1998, at the age of 26; the youngest person ever elected to the Lok Sabha, and has not lost an election since. He took over the seat from his own guru Mahant Avaidyanath who had previously held it for many years, working for the country according to the same yogic values.”

“……. Uniquely, India preserves the oldest spiritual traditions of humanity as well promoting the new knowledge and expertise that science and information technology provides – a rare combination that Yogi Adityanath endorses.”

Law & order in U.P

“……The law & order situation of the state was crying for a major overhaul. National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) data shows that Uttar Pradesh stood number one in almost all kinds of crime and that too, when there is huge under-reporting of the crime by the police officials due to political pressure during previous governments. Incidents of brutal assaults on women in Badaun, Bareilly, Bulandshahar and rioting in Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur speaks about the total lack of spine and intent of the earlier Samajvadi Party government to govern the state.”

Yogi - Law and Order

This 👆 was six months into his first term …. criminals started surrendering rather than enjoying a royal lifestyle. The crime rates have fallen in the last 5 years consistently. That’s one achievement that’s totally changed the fortunes of the state.

Another excerpt to show the kind of corruption that existed before Yogi Ji – “…I was amused that in the past, the Mining Minister had more property than that of the mining budget of the state, but we are stopping all this. We have managed to place e-tendering system in all ministries.” This is from a press meet by CM Yogi Adityanath.

The last excerpt – “…In November 1993, Ajay left his village, his parents, his friends, and his studies and without disclosing much to anyone in the family, he went to Gorakhpur. On 15 February 1994, on the auspicious occasion of ‘basant panchami’, Ajay was anointed as a Nath Panth yogi by his guru Mahant Avaidyanath.”

Yogi Ji was 21 when he chose to follow the Nath Panth. He lives in a 10 by 10 room at the Gorakhpur ashram and has almost no belongings. Now, think back to when you were 21 – what decisions did you take ? what clarity did you have ?

Krishnan and I are huge fans of Yogi Ji. We hope to see more people like him and Modi Ji come into politics because its only a true Yogi who can serve the nation without expecting anything in return. Very few people are able to keep family and power apart.

After Raja Janak (Maa Sita’s father) we have two Raja Rishis finally – Modi Ji and Yogi Ji. May they be blessed by the universe with good health and a long life because it means Bharat will be in safe hands for a long long time.

Jai Hind.

4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Yogi who Became Chief Minister”

  1. 100% agree that we need true Karma Yogis such as our Modi-ji and Yogi-ji to restore India’s glory and balance that with the modern world. They have sacrificed their entire selves to serve Bharat. We have to be so grateful India is in their hands. The day Yogi-ji takes on the mantle of India’s leader, we will rise to even greater heights.🙏🙏. Primarily because the gutter of dynastic corrupt politics will go away. I pray fervently that the so-called liberal blinkers fall off the eyes of young Indians so they realize the truth and vote for him to lead us into our glorious future 🙏🙏.

  2. Being a chief or Primminister are not the same! A chief minister is a caretaker only a state, but a Primminister cannot be pro or against any party,a tough job it is! I am not good at English so excuse me for my mistakes if any.


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