World Nature Conservation Day 2022

The day got off to a great start as Anu, Keshav, Krishnan and I went for a walk to the Aravalli Biodiversity Park. On World Nature Conservation Day, it was appropriate that we were in the one place where Nature is being conserved :). All thanks to “I Am Gurgaon” for the biodiversity park. It is such a beautiful place to walk and so safe !

Amma, Krishnan and I did go a few times earlier to walk but then the ease of walking inside the condominium overtakes the desire to drive down to the biodiversity park. Walking in the biodiversity park just lifts our mood and gives us a boost of energy. The birds chirping, squirrels chattering, the peacocks dancing and ofcourse man’s best friends wagging their tails all makes it worth the trip.

Glimpses from our Nature walk yesterday –

Nature Walk
The beautiful blue sky and the tall buildings forming a modern skyline !
Nature Walk - Biodiversity
Nature walk - Biodiversity
Bottle Brushes
Nature Walk - biodiversity park
Konapoo ! PC – Anu
Nature Walk - biodiversity park
Some beautiful flower. PC – Anu
Nature Walk - biodiversity park
New leaves.. Nature going through its cycles. PC – Anu
Nature Walk - biodiversity park
Some flower or fruit.. not sure what this is called.
The four of us .. PC – Anu with her selfie arm ❤️

We found butterflies as well but it was difficult to photograph them. The birds again were far off and we couldn’t get great pictures using our phones. Anu takes really good photos and she managed to click a video of a peacock showing off :).

Anu’s video –

Watch the peacock showing off and turning ever so slowly …. what a sight !!

I found a sleepy doggy in a nice “Earthen bench”.

Nature Walk - biodiversity park
Sleepy doggy 🙂

As we exited the Biodiversity park, there was a lone Neelgai and for Anu’s sake, it posed !!

Nature Walk - biodiversity park
A beautiful Neelgai, outside the Biodiversity Park

Am a little disturbed to see the wild Neelgai roaming around outside the biodiversity park… not sure if its good to be in such close contact with human beings. Unfortunately, its also getting fed by some of the visitors.

A beautiful start to the day and what special memories these will be. Anu and Keshav are very special to us and to walk with them in the biodiversity park was just as special.

Do read my earlier post in 2020 – World Nature Conservation Day.

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