2 Billion Vaccination Doses !!!!

A couple of days back India hit a huge milestone in the vaccination drive against Covid 19, the Chinese Virus. We have administered 2 Billion Vaccination Doses 👏🇮🇳. Ofcourse it would have been better for the world if the virus hadn’t escaped some lab in Wuhan in the first place. But, its a matter of pride for India that we not only developed our own vaccine, but also had the fastest and largest vaccination drive.

2 Billion vaccinations
This was in Oct 2021, 9 months back when we crossed 1 billion doses

2 billion doses
This was on July 17, when we crossed 2 billion doses

No mean task this was ! We are the second most populous country in the world and a democracy, so no one can be forcibly vaccinated. Many places are remote, and our healthcare system needed a lot of strengthening. Vaccines were delivered using drones and healthcare workers trained in huge numbers. A huge effort.

Since 2014, India is MODIfied “मोदी है तो मुमकिन है” (Modi hai toh Mumkin Hai)… Millions of us thank our stars every single day that Modi Ji is our PM. No one could have navigated this global crisis better than him. Not just the pandemic but the whole cabal of powerful politicians of developed nations, Pharma giants and several anti-India forces were at play.

Thinking back on these 2.5 years, I shudder when I imagine someone else leading us ….. there is just no one close to Modi Ji, neither in the past nor in the present time.

See the picture below –

Taken from the Twitter TL of @UshaNirmala

I wonder what to name such losers like Chetan Bhagat…. always dissing the country of their birth and hoping that we remain a poor-forever-developing nation. And this man used up a seat at the prestigious IIT, only to turn out this way :(. Some other deserving student would have got that seat and maybe invented a drone to help India.

2 billion vaccinations

This is the MODIfied India … the Whiners can keep whining, while we run the world’s largest and fastest vaccination drive successfully. 😁

Congratulations to the Modi Government and all the health workers, doctors and nurses who ensured that we all got vaccinated. Words are inadequate to thank you all.

Jai Hind.

2 thoughts on “2 Billion Vaccination Doses !!!!”

  1. Truer words were never spoken ! I too shudder to think what would have happened to India if it were not for Shri. Modi. He not only navigated our billions as best as it can be done given the populace and diverse challenges, but also generated so much goodwill by sharing vaccines with neighboring nations. I wish these self-proclaimed liberals saw that Compassion trumped Commerce when it came to his vision to combat COVID. I also wish no one gave people like Chetan Bhagat time of day !!! Such people want Bharat to remain needy and dependent on the West so it can fulfil their self-serving interests of generating media attention by dissing our country. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and doing something productive for the nation, these people sit on their privileged writers’ chairs and judge. As you rightly said, waste of a seat in the IIT and IIM !! Degrees without love for the nation are empty vessels !


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