What a Good Haircut Can Do..

I have postponed getting a haircut for almost nine months :(. Am just plain lazy and nothing else. And my favourite hair stylist Wilson has been in and out of his salon because of personal issues. So every time I would get ready and make up my mind to get a haircut, he wouldn’t be available.

A couple of weeks back, I had visited the salon in our condominium. You can guess my level of laziness by the fact that this salon is right in the block where we live and I never visited till now. It takes me exactly two minutes to take the elevator and reach the salon. Anjita is the owner of the salon. The first thing that struck me was the cleanliness. The salon is spotless, any time of the day and that’s some achievement.

Anjita said she is also an experienced hair stylist and could cut my hair if I so wished. I wanted to still try and visit Wilson … for more than ten years he is the only person who has cut my hair !!

Today I just decided to get a haircut and called Anjita in the morning. We agreed on a time and I finally got a really good haircut.

The pic on the left is from yesterday and I wore the same saree today to just take this pic after the haircut.

I am hugely self-critical but even I will admit, I look younger after the haircut (some credit to the hair colour too) !!!! Amma in fact was very happy and she loved the way Anjita cut my hair. Krishnan loved it, so am happy.

Its a small thing, but its so important to the way you feel. As I have mentioned in several blogposts, I really don’t care about looking young, and I have no qualms about growing old. I have enjoyed every age of mine and I am sure I will enjoy each added year, going forward too. But a good haircut just made me smile and it felt good to get some compliments.

Sisters, that’s why its important to present yourself well. A great attitude and a well put together look is an unbeatable combination. For youngsters who enjoy the grungy or too casual a look, its better to err on the side of being formal. Torn jeans and crumpled T.shirts somehow don’t work for me… and for Indian women, please don’t go out in a nighty with a dupatta or towel over it. Please make the effort and present yourself well.

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