A Saree A Day

A Saree a day …. Sparks joy Everyday !!

I tried doing standalone posts and then weekly bulletins about the sarees I wear, but couldn’t keep up either of them. I do wear one everyday and the simplest way for me to share the joy is to post about it everyday.

Somedays when I don’t wear a saree, there won’t be a post. Simple.

Why do I want to share ? Because it makes me happy. Am no fashionista or even a hoarder and I will never be considered a model, this is my way of having fun. I keep the blues away by repeating my favorites and sometimes getting a new one.

Today’s saree –

Assam silk - holi
Assam Silk Saree – Fanta Orange

Had worn it first for Diwali in 2018 – 2018 Diwali Release 🙂.

I discovered a new motif on the pallu – a lion motif besides the flowers, tree and Ambi motifs. I need to pay more attention I guess.

Hope everyone enjoyed Holi this year after nearly two years of the pandemic !

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