Mumbai Pav in Gurgaon #2

I had written about the Mumbai Pav in Gurgaon in Jan 2020. That Ladi-Pav was a little plasticky in its mouth feel and we never went back to the store in Vyapar Kendra because of the Wuhan Virus pandemic hitting India in March 2020.

Today I wanted to eat the authentic Mumbai VadaPav. We usually order from Jay Bhavani, a restaurant in Super Mart 1 which gets the Ladi-Pav from Mumbai.

Mumbai Pav

Their menu clearly says its Mumbai Ladi-Pav that they use, but they run out of stock and then its just the regular Dilliwala pav. Today their menu did not feature the Ladi-Pav, so we tried “Mumbaikars”.

Mumbai Ladi Pav

Mumbai Ladi-Pav on the Menu !

Not only does Mumbaikars make their vadapav using the famous Mumbai Ladi-Pav they also sell the Ladi-Pav as a separate item on the menu. Makes it so much easier to buy ! Don’t have to go looking for a store selling the stuff.

Food Review – If you are expecting to have warm VadaPav, then Mumbaikars won’t work because they send the chutney, peanut spice powder, the pav and the vada separately. You need to assemble the whole thing before eating it. The taste is average, not anything to write home about and not totally off the mark. The dabeli was better and tasted close to the authentic stuff.

The best news is the Ladi-Pav. They are soft and don’t have the plasticky mouth feel. The pack says they are manufactured in Haryana but either they got better at it or its a different manufacturer who has got it right.

Mumbai Ladi Pav

I remember taking a picture of the last piece of Pav from the stash that Sanjay got for me from Pune when he came over for our KVAFA reunion at home. See, we need school friends to bring us these small pleasures of life 😁.

Mumbai Ladi-Pav
Last piece of the Ladi-Pav that Sanjay got for me from Pune in Dec 🙂

Whether its Pav-bhaji, VadaPav or Dabeli – the authentic taste is only when you have the Mumbai Ladi-Pav. Its not healthy but eating junk once in a while is ok, and today was one such day. I will store the Ladi-Pav safely and take them out next week for a homemade treat.

p.s – if any reader knows how to bake these at home, please do share in your comments. Would love to make them at home instead of buying from a store.


2 thoughts on “Mumbai Pav in Gurgaon #2”

  1. Hey!! So glad to be here. I’m a mumbaikar who was randomly searching for pav in gurgaon because I’m sick of eating those thick buns. Any luck?

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Please order on Zomato or Swiggy from Mumbaikar’s. They have just the Ladi Pav as well. Keep checking Jay Bhawani restaurant too – they make Dabeli and Vada Pav using the Mumbai Pav and mention it specifically while you are ordering.


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