Weekly Saree Bulletin #4

I missed posting the bulletin last Monday ! I hadn’t taken photographs on many of the days. I just have to make it a habit to take a picture everyday. This week’s sarees are a mix of nostalgia and special memories besides being much loved.

Sarees Bulletin #4
Dec 28, 29 and 31

The green and purple Kanchi silk saree that I wore on Dec 28th was the one I wore for my farewell at Aon Hewitt, on April 1, 2015 Memorable day … And precious memories. Very special saree. I bought this at Kumaran Stores, Chennai. Loved the colour combination.

The lovely orange that I wore on Dec 29th is from Gopinath. Another stunner and the quality of the silk is beyond amazing. Am slowly collecting these hand woven masterpieces.

The Maroon beauty that I wore on Dec 31st is from Kumaran stores, Chennai. I wore it first in Mongolia on Sept 2 2015, when we went to visit Chinggis Khan’s statue near Ulan Bator.

Chinggis Khan
Chinggis Khan statue

Its a beautiful saree in deep maroon and I have worn it several times.

Sarees Bulletin #4
Jan 6, 7 and 8

These three sarees are also connected to special memories !! The one I wore on Jan 6 is from Kumaran Stores, Chennai and I got a similar one for Geetu and I. Just the colours are inverted. Mine is more yellow and hers is more greenish. The plain Kanchi silk that I wore on Jan 7th is a gift from Vidya. I even remember the cafe we met at opposite Forum Mall in Bangalore when she gave me this saree. I wear it often and its a treasured gift ❤️.

This Week’s Highlighted Saree

I wore this gorgeous Assam silk saree on Dec 30th. I wore it first on Appa’s birthday in 2019 – Assam Silk and Memories.

Saree Bulletin #4
Assam silk .. not Muga but still gorgeous

I love this golden colour. I fell in love with this colour when I saw women in Assam wearing it for Bihu. Have always wanted one and finally got it at Artfed’s showroom in Guwahati in Feb 2018. Its mulberry silk and hand woven. The pallu has the traditional Assamese bamboo hat, peacocks, and Rhino motifs. The Assam version of Vanasingara !!

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