Happy Deepavali, With a Guinness Record

I received the following photos and video over WhatsApp. Just love the way Yogi Ji has been celebrating Deepavali in Ayodhya. The world record for the maximum number of oil lamps lit on a single day belongs to India now … what a beautiful way of sharing the most important festival for us with the world.

The 900,000 lamps being lit …
Stunning !! No other word

The Guinness World Record

It’s official 👏👏👏

The fireworks and laser show is classy and we certainly hope to be there next year to witness it in person.

Covaxin Gets the Nod

After huffing and puffing the WHO finally granted emergency use listing for Covaxin. This news has made it an even happier Diwali.

Modiji’s Magic works yet again 🙏.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Deepavali. Enjoy the sweets and the fire crackers 😊. Eat a couple of sweets on our behalf and burst a few crackers too as we cannot celebrate this year. An ailing elderly family member passed away this morning. 🙁

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