Postcards from Hyderabad Oct 2021

The following pictures are from our trip to Hyderabad in these past four days…

Krishna River Tributaries

Krishna water is being supplied to houses for the past two years. Its released every other day besides the Manjira water. The days when water is released, there are Krishna River tributaries or canals that are formed just outside our house !!! Its a huge waste of water …. but no one cares. There is a pipeline leak and everyone washes their verandahs :(.

Hyderabad - Krishna water tributaries
Krishna river tributaries
Hyderabad - Krishna River
Krishna River Tributary upstream

Boom Boom Maadu

Hyderabad - Boom Boom Maadu
Boom Boom Maadu … another at-risk livelihood

Caught this young man with his Boom Boom Maadu asking for food/clothes or money in exchange for blessings from the much decorated Nandi during one of our morning walks. I gave him some money and took permission from him before clicking this picture. He and Nandi happily posed for the pic !! Don’t know how long this livelihood will continue though… Boom Boom “Maadu” – Another dying profession. That was a post about another Boom Boom Maadu that I had taken a picture of in Hyderabad.

The New India – no food, no footwear, but yes cellphone

I found this young lady selling brooms and happily talking on her cellphone as an interesting image of New India. She probably leads a hand-to-mouth existence by selling brooms, she wore no footwear yet she had a phone stuck to her ear.

It shows how inexpensive cellphone calls have become and the easy availability of a used handset. I wouldn’t be surprised if she uses GPay or PayTm to accept payments 😁.

Hyderabad - broom seller
Broom seller with a cellphone !!

Swachh Bharat seems to be restricted to the visible streets :(.

खिसियानी बिल्ली खंबा नोचे

The electric pole and transformer seemed to be the perfect perch for this cute cat…. don’t know if she is “khisiyani” or happy, she certainly was not scratching the pole.

Hyderabad - cat on electric pole
Cat on electric pole
Hyderabad - Cat
Seems like a calm Cat not Khisiyani Billi

Leave your shoes outside !

Not a Covid related protocol, but this is what customers do when they visit Manikanta Pooja Store in Sainikpuri since the store has pictures and idols of Gods and Goddesses ! Such deep reverence is so wonderful to see. This is an age old practice which is hygienic and respectful. Footwear brings most of the germs into our homes. Leave them outside.

Hyderabad - Pooja stuff

Match courtesy Jio

I had recently posted a blog on why we ported over to Jio – Jio Jee Bhar Ke ! One more reason to love the Jio network as Krishnan and Amma were able to watch the India-New Zealand match on the Laptop. Amma left midway when she realised that India was losing 😁. I don’t watch cricket at all, but Krishnan managed to watch the entire match live.

Hyderabad - Technology
India – New Zealand Match on the Laptop

We don’t have WiFi at Amma’s house here in Hyderabad, so we used the phone’s hotspot to stream the match live. What’s not to love about technology !

Not to miss the power cuts – we had a power outage of 3 to 3.5 hours today because some trees were being cut. No one here is concerned about the environment I guess, no NGT to speak up after the trees are cut down like in Delhi. Progress at any cost ? Maybe. The JCBs are everywhere turning Earth and construction is back in full swing.

Life is almost back to normal …. Prayers that it does get back to normal.

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