Jio Jee Bhar Ke !

I have never been a fan of the Ambanis. Krishnan and I were utterly loyal to Hutch which became Vodafone for 15 long years. Then in 2019 we shifted to Jio – Am Ported to Jio 🙂

Since Feb 2019 till today we have never faced a network outage !!! Except inside Daviender’s house in Ashok Vihar and a couple of other places we have never had to search for the network nor did we have to struggle to call anyone.

All of the above at a far reduced outflow ! What more can one ask for ? I have never called the Jio helpline because there was no need. We pay ₹2500/- approximately, once a year and get 365 GB data and an uninterrupted network.

Jio Network

Here are some things I did during our train journey last night – Chennai to Hyderabad – A Train Journey.

  1. I canceled the return journey by train because of the unpleasant experience.
  2. Booked an air ticket
  3. Spoke to a car rental agency to book a cab
  4. Canceled the car rental because our regular guy sent a car 🤣
  5. Paid the landline bill online
  6. Wrote a blog after uploading 5 photos.
  7. All of the above plus browsing Twitter and chatting over Whatsapp

Neither Vodafone nor Airtel provide this kind of coverage ! I can’t think of any other telecom service provider who has this kind of coverage.

As a customer, I want uninterrupted network coverage and the ability to make and receive calls without any call drops etc. The only telecom provider who can do this is Jio.

I still don’t like the Ambanis but am a very happy Jio customer and I thank the Reliance team for creating this awesome telecom infrastructure.

There is a lesson for all businesses here – whatever your product or service is supposed to do, make sure it delivers that. Everything else doesn’t matter for the customer.

Jio Jee Bhar Ke indeed !

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