A King and His Son

Once upon a time there was an action King. He was a martial artist par excellence and a great human being too. People loved him. He became very rich. He was amongst the most recognised celebrities around the world. Inspired by Bill Gates and other philanthropists, he has pledged half his wealth for charity upon his death.

In 2015, police conducted an anti-drug raid on a party …. the King’s only son was caught with nearly 117 grams of Marijuana along with several others. Everyone confessed to taking drugs. The King’s son was put in jail for six months and fined for allowing his place to be used for drug abuse besides consuming the drugs.

The King was embarrassed. He was an anti-drug crusader and his son was arrested for drug abuse ! Everyone expected that the King will use his political influence and keep his son out of jail, but he didn’t. He apologised to the adoring public and just hoped that his son would learn his lessons and become an anti drug crusader. No attempts to hide the truth, no using of influence, just an acceptance of a mistake.

Do read the news items from back then – Six Month Prison Term for Jaycee and The Father is ashamed.

Another King and His Son

Recently there has been news of yet another King’s son being arrested for consumption and possession of banned drugs. The entire media and the King’s friends have turned up to support him. They say a 23 year old young man is a child and somebody left the drugs in his shoes. Then others say, the son is being targeted because the King doesn’t support the Govt. Some who don’t like the King, blame the young man’s upbringing and so on.

Not a word from the King ! The son laughs while being taken in a police van … maybe inadvertently, but it ain’t getting him any sympathy. All his dad’s friends are doing is trying to make light of the whole thing.

Drug abuse is serious business and dangerous. It ruins the person’s health and fractures families. Those who can afford to buy, assume they can kick the habit easily but they can’t. The poor who take drugs to forget their hardships end up as petty thieves or worse, hardened criminals to feed the habit. There are no “good” fallouts ….

I am not sitting in judgement and I have no axe to grind. I just feel sad for a young 23 year old, who despite being a Prince, has got involved in this murky drug business. Hope good sense prevails and he is able to get back to a “normal” life soon.

International Drug Trafficking


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