Women in 2021 – brutalised, scarred and bruised forever !

Women Brutalised

I wish I didn’t have to write this blog …. but I am compelled to. I made the mistake of watching a lady being molested by 400+ men in Pakistan. Haven’t been able to get that barbarism out of my sight 😞. I don’t intend to post that video so anyone looking to get a few minutes of free titillation can stop reading this right now.

I learnt from Twitter university that its an Arabic sport called Taharrush or collective sexual assault by hundreds of men. It was first reported during the uprising in Egypt at the Tahrir Square celebrations. The Arabic gang-rape ‘Taharrush’ phenomenon which sees women surrounded by groups of men in crowds and sexually assaulted… and has now spread to Europe.

Taliban and Women

The flavor of the day being Afghanistan and the blood less, non-violent coup that has brought Taliban to power, here are a couple of pictures that tell the story of women under the Taliban regime.


Slowly fading away behind the burqa, veil, tent whatever …. Slowly and silently too. Otherwise SHE will be stoned, beheaded or played with during Taharrush. Art is so powerful. Just one picture and the whole message is communicated.

Women Taliban

Clarissa Ward did the right thing by covering herself up. Only if you stay alive can you tell your tale. She even offered a clarification so that she may continue to live and report. I am not being sarcastic. I totally get it. I wish the world got it too … especially Kamala Mami eyeing the President’s post. 😡

Women Taliban
Clarissa Ward’s explanation

But all the while, please remember the date when this is happening – Aug 2021. 2000 years after man was supposedly civilized, women are still brutalized, scarred and bruised. Little girls are raped, and the only justice delivered to them is to be married off to the one who raped them. Young girls are married to men who have one foot in the grave and a religion accepts it as being right.

Women in 2021 are still brutalised, scarred and their souls bruised forever. Every idiot who believes that women will be empowered in the Taliban regime must be castrated and given to the Taliban as a plaything. Every woman who is dumb enough to feel safe in a burqa and under the Taliban regime must be sent over to experience it first hand.

A Mother kills her wayward Son

Satyabhama is one of Krishna’s wives. She is the incarnation of Bhudevi. In an earlier Avatar of Vishnu, Bhudevi and Bhagwan Varaha have a son called Narakasura. He stays alive till Vishnu takes his 9th avatar as Bhagwan Krishna but becomes increasingly greedy, destructive and unjust. Narakasura had a boon from Brahma that only his mother can kill him. Narakasura attacks Krishna and his wife Satyabhama (Bhudevi), kills him.

Narakasura pleads with his mother that his death must be remembered, so we celebrate Diwali.

This seems to be the only way to stop some men from becoming demons and barbarians. There is no other way !

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