Small Change, Big Impact

Our Morning Routine – Before the Change

Wake up between 4.30 to 5. Complete morning routines. Have coffee or tea. Change into track pants and go out for a walk. Complete walking, get back and cut fruits, make breakfast and try and take a bath in between all of this. Between the time we went for a walk and started making breakfast, we had to get the milk from the gate, keep the garbage out and some days give clothes for ironing to Bunty. We would rush around like crazy !

Our house help Ashish, would usually come around 10.30 am and by the time he left, I would start thinking of what to make for lunch. Effectively, my entire morning went in Breakfast and Lunch – because I wanted variety, and we have got used to fresh food 😁. This way it also meant that we were eating three times because we would feel hungry in the evening again !

Our Morning Routine – After two Small Changes

The first change we brought about was not having tea or coffee before our walk. This change ensured that we got out of the house sooner when the outside temperature was a little cooler ! The second small change we made was the timing of our meal times. We decided to eat twice – once at around 10.30 to 11 am and then in the evening around 4.30 to 5 pm. Consequently we asked Ashish to come around 12 noon to do his work.

What a relief !!!! We suddenly were not rushing anymore. Importantly, there was sufficient gap between our meals which meant that we never go to sleep with our stomachs full. That is the biggest change. The stress I felt when I had to make three meals has significantly reduced because we eat only twice.

There is a lot more free time and lesser stress, so we are also able to catch up on our reading etc.

These aren’t very big changes but the impact is huge. Look through your daily routine and figure out where you can streamline, optimise and make small changes so that you have more time and less stress.

With the pandemic all our routines have undergone change. Make the most of the opportunity to bring in other changes. For me personally, it was a struggle to complete everything before 10.30 and have the energy to work on my blog or do a mentoring/coaching session. I wonder why I didn’t think up of these changes earlier. Would have been a happier person 😀. The fact that we aren’t able to travel was slowly getting to me.

These small changes have ensured that am able to spend time on things that I want to and not be stuck in the kitchen !!

Happy Sunday Folks. Hope India wins another medal today or progresses towards a medal 🇮🇳.

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