The Killing Fields of West Bengal

In Dec 2020, our Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah made a statement that nearly 300 BJP workers have been killed in West Bengal since 2014. This was when the BJP President Dr. Nadda’s convoy was attacked. We saw an old lady, mother of a BJP member being beaten up and she passed away later. Then we saw the Mamata drama of plastering her leg and losing Nandigram but TMC winning the state elections…… Then the Killing Fields of West Bengal came alive. An SHO got lynched and his mother died of a heart attack, both got cremated together:(. Lynched SHO’s mom dies of shock.

The barbarity of the TMC is unbelievable …. and the banshee that they have as a leader deserves to be rotting in a jail. I delayed writing this blog on the killing fields of Bengal, because it was painful. I don’t have a problem with BJP losing any election, but TMC’s retaliation is clearly to send a message that “We won’t hesitate to use violence”. Reminds one of certain barbaric invasions in the past.

Killing Fields Bengal

Saw the above Tweet today and decided to compile this blog, however unpleasant it is.

BJP’s silence

I certainly hope that the Supreme court ruling that CM Mamata Banerjee can be questioned works and we see some strict action being taken in West Bengal before it becomes another Kashmir. BJP’s silence is disconcerting. There were 14 BJP workers who were killed in the post poll violence.

14 BJP workers killed in Bengal Post-Poll violence. Ofcourse the Governor and everyone else made the right noises, but everyone is hoping for more direct and clear action from the central government that puts Jehadidi in her place !

Killing fields Bengal

There is an alarming trend in the religious demographic of West Bengal. The Hindu population is down from 78% in 1951 to 68% in 2021 while the Muslim population has grown in the same period from 20% to 30%. The decadal population growth rate of Muslims has been 20% while the Hindu decadal growth rate is 10%… what it means is that Muslims are having more children compared to Hindus.

Hindu Muslim demographic Bengal

Another statistic shows this clearly – in the 0-4 age group, the Hindu population of West Bengal is 62% while the Muslim population is 35%. I found this statistic on Quora.

West Bengal demographics

The changing demographics are worrying … we have already seen what happened in Kashmir. Its not only Bengal, but also Kerala where the demographic changes are on the same lines.

Fatwa ? Sharia Law in India ?

Fatwa Bengal

This is in a village in West Bengal … don’t believe it ? Well here is the link to the article. ‘No TV, No Music, No Phones,’ A village in Mamata’s West Bengal becomes India’s first Sharia compliant village.

Rohingyas and other illegal immigrants

I was blissfully unaware of Indira Gandhi’s vote bank politics. A very dear ex-boss of mine made me aware of how the CONgress would allow Bangladeshis to come over and vote for them during elections and then go back to their country.

Over the years this has been perfected to an art. Now the illegal immigrants have vocal supporters like the much-slapped-still-to-be-slapped Prashant Bhushan. The Rohingyas have made the long trek from Burma to Jammu and then all the way to Kerala. Bangladeshis in Kerala. The violent protests against the implementation of CAA and NRC is basically to safeguard the interests of these illegal immigrants and to sustain the demographic changes.

Here is a fantastic thread on how the illegal influx of Bangladeshis impacts West Bengal elections. Voting pattern in the border districts adjoining Bangladesh. I will also post it as a separate blog because True Indology’s twitter account may be closed anytime !

Am getting more and more convinced every single day that India must be declared a Hindu Rashtra and people of all religions are welcome so long as they identify with the Hindu culture. The partition of India was on religious lines and there are 56 nations that are clearly Muslim countries and more than a 100 that are clearly Christian countries. Why does India carry the burden of being secular ? The majority is facing a clear threat to its identity. …. How fair is that?

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