Osho on Education

These excerpts are from Osho’s book “New Man for the New Millennium”. Its another book that’s a compilation of different discourses given over a period of time. In these excerpts, Osho speaks about Education.

Definition of the word

“……The word ‘education’ is beautiful. It means ‘drawing something out’; drawing out that which is within you. In fact, we should not use it for the ordinary education. It is wrong to use a beautiful word like ‘education’ for this rotten system of schools, colleges and universities. It is not education in the literal sense even, because instead of drawing out what is with you it forces things from outside upon you. It is an imposition.

Real education is like drawing water from a well, not pouring something into the well. Real education is drawing out your being so that your inner luminosity starts filtering through your body, through your behaviour.”

In an earlier page, Osho speaks of another definition –

“… And another meaning of the word, which is even far deeper: ‘education’ comes from the word educate; it means to lead you from darkness to light. A tremendously significant meaning: to lead you from darkness to light. The Upanishads say, ‘ Lord, lead us from untruth to truth’ – ‘asato ma sadgamaya.’ ‘Lord, lead us from death to deathlessness’, ‘mriyorma amritamgamaya.’ ‘Lord, lead us from darkness to light’ -‘tamaso ma jyotirgamaya.’ That is exactly the meaning of the word ‘education’: tamaso ma jyotirgamaya – from darkness to light.”

Another Excerpt

“… The future of education, if scientifically worked out, is going to be a tremendous adventure. Up to now it has been a kind of enforcement; students have to be forced, bribed.

Education can become so colourful, so actual, so real that you will not need to say to the students, ‘Be attentive!’ They will be attentive automatically.”

Earning your bread ?

“… The so-called education that goes on in the world prepares you only to earn bread. And Jesus says, ‘Man cannot live by bread alone.’ And that’s what your universities have been doing – they prepare you to earn bread in a better way, in an easier way, in a more comfortable way, with less effort, with less hardship. But all that they do is prepare you to earn your bread and butter. It is a very, very primitive kind of education; it does not prepare you for life.”

You are Unique

“… And education should prepare you to be yourself. Right now it prepares you to be an imitator; it teaches you how to be like others. This is miseducation. Right education will teach you how to be yourself, authentically yourself. You are unique. There is nobody like you, has never been, will never be. This is the great respect that God has showered on you. This is your glory, that you are unique. Don’t become imitative, don’t become carbon copies.”

“… Man is born as a seed. He is born as a potentiality. He is not born as an actuality. And this is very special, this is extraordinary, because in the whole of existence, only man is born as a potentiality; every other animal is born actual.”

…. Thus spoke the Master of Masters 🙏🏿

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