Beware – Irresponsible Covidiots Around :(

A message on the WhatsApp group of our Condo complex has made me write this blog today. Yet another resident who is Covid +ve didn’t inform anyone, nor stopped the house help from coming to their house and other members living in the same apartment were moving around freely !! If this isn’t being irresponsible, I don’t know what is. Its these irresponsible covidiots that have made the Wave 2 such a massive one.

Irresponsible Covidiots = Wave 2

We can keep on debating about who is responsible for the Wave 2 of the pandemic in India. We blame Mr. Modi, the State Chief Ministers, the CEOs of the hospitals, elections, religious gatherings, China, UK, USA, XYZ, ABC ….. but the real one responsible is the Covidiot.


Our Condo complex board has been extremely responsive and has actively helped the residents stay safe. In wave 1, the lockdowns were managed brilliantly and we had very few cases. In this wave too, the board members have been working tirelessly to ensure residents are safe. Nearly 100% of those affected by the virus have recovered with home quarantine. We have doctors on call, we have doctors helping remotely, protocols in place should someone be in isolation etc.

Initially there were a couple of residents who behaved irresponsibly. One resident even had the gall to say, they didn’t know that they had to inform the board !! A whole year of being locked in due to an unseen virus and then saying they didn’t know what to do is just unacceptable. Now nearly every week we seem to find a new covidiot. 🙁

Wave 2 – Sharp Rise

My economics professor at ISB, Dr. Shamika Ravi has been analysing both the waves of the pandemic. Her post on Twitter on May 3, shows how starkly different the two waves are and why India’s medical infrastructure is struggling. Do follow her at @ShamikaRavi. She is brilliant and her analysis is spot on.

Covidiots - Wave 2

Why are we seeing such a huge surge in cases in wave 2 ? Thank the Covidiots !!! Thank those greedy officials who allowed visitors to go into public spaces without the necessary quarantine for a few thousand bucks.

Every single day, we hear news of some Covidiot hoarder who kept oxygen cylinders stacked in his/her place because he/she may need it. We hear about state governments who have failed miserably and let people die. Look at this pic below 👇🏿


Then we have the vultures in media, who sell pictures of funeral pyres !

One Covid-19 patient can infect 400 people. So imagine a Covidiot who doesnt stay isolated… no wonder we are struggling to bring this wave 2 under control.

Stop being a Covidiot, please. There is no shame in catching a virus … but there is definitely a responsibility to not share it further. Get isolated, quarantine yourself or get medical help. Please don’t pass on the virus. We have lost enough people already. Lets not lose anymore.



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