Candid Kitty !

Last year in Jan, we found a very cute kitten in the staircase, on our floor. I wrote a blog about it Caught You !. That kitten has grown into a cat and it prowls all over our condominium complex.

Candid Kitty Cat Kitten
The left pic is from Jan 2020 and the right pic is from Mar 2021

We have a few stray dogs and even fewer stray cats. Here is the candid kitty posing naturally !

Candid Kitty
These pictures are taken over two different days. This particular cat seems to favour our side of the condo complex

Two other cats also roam about the condo complex. I had blogged about them – Cat on the fence and a kitten in the tree !. The kitten that I wrote about in this blog has also grown into a cat.

Time just flies… I vividly remember seeing this cat as a tiny ball of fur on the staircase on our floor and today am clicking candid kitty pics of the same, fully grown. Last year on April 1st, Twitter had exploded with news about the Tablighi Jamaat and how many of them had congregated at a mosque in Delhi.

The domesticated cats fall into the Feline category and there are apparently 37 types of felines. Read more about the domesticated cat on this link – Cat I Breeds & Facts.

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