Mahashivaratri 2021

From the morning today, we have been sending and receiving greetings on the occasion of Mahashivaratri. Viju sent a video about the Pallikondeswara Temple at Surutapalli. This is the only Vigraha of Bhagwan Shiva in the reclining position.

Pallikondeswara Temple video –

Samudra Manthan

As we all know, during the churning of the celestial ocean of milk by the Devas and Asuras, several things rose to the top besides Amrita or the elixir of immortality. Before consuming Amrita, there was Halahala, the poison that had to be consumed by someone. When none of the Devas or Asuras came forward, Bhagwan Shiva consumed the poison.

Devi Parvati, held Bhagwan Shiva’s throat to stop the poison from going into his body. Thats how Mahadev’s throat turned blue and he got the name of Neelakantha. On a lighter note, if your wife holds you by your neck, its to make sure you don’t swallow any poison. 😂

Once the poison was consumed by Bhagwan Shiva, he and Devi Parvati start their trip to Mt. Kailash. As Mahadev feels a little tired, he rests with his head in Devi Parvati’s lap at Surutapalli. That’s why he is seen in the reclining pose as Palli Kondeswara.

Bhagwan Shiva as Pallikondeswara, Surutapalli.

The Shankaracharya Temple, Srinagar

Last year the Shankaracharya temple in Srinagar was all decked out for Mahashivaratri. It is beautifully lit up this year as well. My blog last year – Soundarya Lahiri and a long lost memory …

This is the best part of technology. From Srinagar to Kanyakumari, we can see temples, events, festivals etc sitting at our desks !!

Shiva is the Adiyogi, and as Nataraja, he is the cosmic dancer. He is Mahakaal, and as Trilochana, he reduces the “desire” filled outer world to ashes using his third eye. The Story of Shiva’s Third Eye and Its Hidden Symbolism. – A beautiful explanation for Mahadev’s third eye given by Sadhguru.

Tonight, is a celebration and its also a night of introspection and looking inwards.

On Mahashivaratri tonight, burn those emotions that stop you from being the best you can be using your own third eye. Rebalance your energies and dance to the cosmic tune.

Har Har Mahadev. ॐ नमः शिवाय.

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