Morning Walk Vistas

Over several morning walks I managed to click several interesting pictures. I have shared some of them through different blogs. This is another one and it has pictures from the start of 2021. Vistas of crows in a conference and natural beehive besides spring flowers.

My shadow is slimmer and taller :):)
Vistas - Crows
Two crows sharing secrets?
Daybreak .. Can’t get enough of Sunrises and Sunsets.
Forest Flame Tree
Forest Flame Tree – this tree is visible from our house as well. Its part of the next door school compound.
Vistas - Beehive
A natural beehive ! Don’t get to see them much these days.
Crow Conference
Early morning Crow Conference !
Beautiful spring flowers
Polluting Non-Polluting
Non-polluting plants and trees flanked by polluting vehicles ! Just a reality of modern living.
Bougainvillea … what a burst of colour !!

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