Cauliflower – Perfectly Roasted

As most of my blog readers know, I cook the OPOS (One Pot One Shot) way. OPOS ensures that nutrients are not lost in the cooking process and of course its the quickest way to make food. The vegetables are cooked in their own juices and hence retain some crunch, a difficult thing to do unless you fry them. Frying them doesn’t work as they lose all nutrients ! That’s the problem which OPOS resolves.

Cauliflower florets are cooked quickly and lose their crunch. The one thing that I never tried out was roasting cauliflower florets the OPOS way. I know the process but just didn’t do it. A few days back I decided to roast them and here is the outcome. Fully cooked, slightly roasted and the little ghee that I used also remains to be re-used. All done in a couple of minutes :).

Cauliflower OPOS
First pic from the left is the Cauliflower florets being placed into the Magic Pot. Second pic is the perfectly roasted cauliflower florets. Third pic at the bottom is the Ghee thats left behind in the Pressure Cooker

I am so stoked with the results that I am kicking myself for not doing this earlier. You can lightly salt these and just eat them as a snack or use them as part of any vegetable that you are making. The Cauliflower florets retain their crunch while being fully cooked. The magic of OPOS indeed !

Do read my earlier posts on OPOS – I am an OPOS evangelist.

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