An Appeal – Koorainadu Sarees

A couple of weeks back, Mr. Venkatesh Narasimhan, MD of Cooptex had posted about the Koorainadu Sarees. Due to the pandemic, the weavers have been unable to sell their stock. He had appealed to all the members in the FB group to share the message with many others. As handloom lovers who are part of the group, he also encouraged us to buy some of the Koorainadu sarees so that the weave can be kept alive.

About Koorainadu Sarees, excerpt from Co-optex’s FB page –

“The Weavers of Koorainadu, had stopped weaving these beautiful Silk Cottons, due to adequate patronage and lack of marketing support. Co-optex decided to revive the weaving of these beautiful and ethnic Koorainadu Silk Cotton Sarees. 

Meet Mrs. R. Manimegalai, 54 years old, president of Kooraitex Weavers Society in Koorainadu of Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu. She has been a pillar of support to Cooptex, since we first visited her in 2014 to revive the weaving of these sarees. She was the first one to start weaving the Koorainadu saree, and subsequently motivated 10 more women of Koorainadu to weave these Sarees. When the first saree was woven and given to us she was beaming with joy and pride. She helped us in getting those best Vintage Sarees of Koorainadu revived. She weaves three Koorainadu Silk Cottons a month! She is one of the most successful Women Presidents of Weavers in Tamil Nadu. She is surely one of our Unsung Heroines, who deserves a special mention. 

Encourage and motivate Manimegalai and her peer Weavers of Koorainadu, by draping these beautiful Silk Cottons!”

There is a special 40% discount on the Koorainadu sarees. Please do buy one of these gorgeous beauties and help the weavers who came back to weaving it.

I have bought one. Its a totally new colour combination and very different from the traditional Koorainadu colour palette.

My first Koorainadu saree !

You can get these sarees from the Cooptex website – Please support the weavers.

Also read about Mr. Venkatesh Narasimhan, a handloom crusader – What one man can do !


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