Lockdown Food #7

Today I made Puran Poli for lunch. I usually make two varieties of filling for it – one with Chana Dal and the other with Sweet Potato during winters. Its a very nutritious “sweet” dish, thats not overly sweet.

Filling – Cook the Chana Dal and mix it with a sugar/jaggery syrup to make it into a dry halwa consistency, after adding a couple of TBSPs of ghee . I cook the Chana Dal using very little water (OPOS style), and make jaggery syrup using the OPOS hack. This time I haven’t completely crushed the chana dal but the filling still tastes fine.

Usually the Puran Poli is made with Maida (refined flour) but I use whole wheat flour.

Chana Dal "Puran", filling for the Poli
Chana Dal “Puran”, filling for the Poli


Rolled out Poli
Rolled out Poli


The method of making the Poli is the same as making a paratha. Take a dollop of the filling and place it inside a ball of dough. Roll out like you roll out a paratha. Use a little ghee on both sides as you turn it over and once golden brown, remove it from the tawa and serve.

Cooked Puran Poli
Cooked Puran Poli

As a side dish I made the mildly spicy North Indian “Seetaphal Ki Subzi”. This is usually served at the famous Paratha shops in Chandni Chowk’s parathe wali gali along with their Parathas. I have simply used the Masalas basis my memory, but the taste is the same, so I guess I got them right.

Recipe for the Seetaphal Ki Subzi – Seetaphal is the small green coloured pumpkin that has yellow pulp on the inside.

1 medium sized Seetaphal, remove the skin and dice it. If its tender the seeds would be tiny and you need not remove them, but if its a mature pumpkin, remove the seeds.

Masala used – 1 TBSP each of roasted Jeera, Coriander seeds and Saunf (Fennel) ground in a mortar/pestle, 1 TSP each of Turmeric, Amchoor, Pepper powder, Garam Masala, Salt to taste, Green Chillies slit, Curry leaves.

I Pressure Baked this subzi and it tasted great. You can make it the traditional way – steam or cook the diced Seetaphal and then do a tadka of the above Masala with a little oil.

The same Masala combination can be used with bottle gourd or Lauki and the results are just as yummy.

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