First Margadarshis meeting over Video !


On Saturday, April 11th, we had our quarterly board meeting for ShikshaDaan. This was the first time we were doing it over video. Mostly we use this meeting as an opportunity to meet Rajeev, Akash, Tarita, Subbu and Kabir in person rather than just meet over a conference call. We always setup a Zoom meeting because Latha and Neelima are not in Delhi NCR and earlier, Usha was not here.

This is the first time that we did the call on full video mode and it was fun ! Of course ever since the lockdown, we have been having video meetings and Kabir even got us to do a video party. The first video board meeting that I attended was Goonj’s meeting in March. It was nice to see everyone and the wifi connection stayed stable throughout !

The ISB interviews are all happening over video calls and it was great to be on one such panel. Actually I feel interviewing over video is stress-free for the candidate and the panel – everyone is at their most comfortable space and no challenges of being stuck in traffic or missing the metro etc. We should probably move to this mode of interviewing totally. Also provides savings to all the stakeholders !

India has indeed come a long way in the digital space … the WiFi is reliable and steady, the data downloads are superquick and the speeds are truly excellent. We have Jio phones and whatever else Reliance is as a company, their Jio network never fails. The only place where it has worked spottily is in our friend’s house in Ashok Vihar. In every other place, the network is constantly available, whether its a cave or the highway or inside a train. We have been using the Spectra WiFi at home for the past two years and they are very reliable too.

Ever since the lockdown, I have only been doing video calls over WhatsApp and suddenly you feel a lot more connected. This is one of the actions that will remain with most of us in the post lockdown era – video calls will become the norm.

So thankful for the technological advances that our world has made …. and special thanks to Sir Tim Berners Lee for the “web”.

Pic Credits – Latha. She managed to capture all of us with a smile on our face !!


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