Enjoying the Lockdown !


As we went to the vegetable and fruit shop inside our complex today in the morning, I found two stray dogs that live in our apartment complex enjoying the lockdown. They plonked themselves in the middle of the road with no fear of any car being out …. usually in the morning, these dogs would be sitting quietly in some corner because there would be a frenzy of activity – children going to school, parents running with forgotten bags and forgotten tiffin boxes for their children, men and women rushing to work, restaurants delivering, the “istriwallah” collecting clothes for ironing, walkers on their morning walk, babies in strollers, etc etc … noisy and totally frenzied.

The lockdown has put the lid on “frenzy” – the quiet is deeply soothing, the air is clean and fresh, the birds are chirping away and infact several birds just hopped around if we got close to them, didn’t even fly away, and the Earth is renewing itself.

Maybe we need to regularly have these lockdowns … once a month?? The entire world should shut down, one day of the month. I think we will become better people and the Earth will thank us.

Its a dog’s life. This guy is stretching… he opened one eye to confirm that I wasn’t an intruder and went back to his stretching !!

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