Book Review #25/50 – Devil in Pinstripes

This is the 3rd book of Ravi Subramanian’s that I have read in quick succession. Have downloaded other books now so there will be a gap before I review another book of his. This book is again a good one to use for a classroom discussion on office politics, incentive programs and overbearing personalities as leaders.

At the end of the book, you are left wondering who is the bigger politician – Amit or Gowri. This book revolves around these two personalities – Gowri and Amit, with Gowri being the overbearing personality who rules over a fiefdom rather than being a leader in an organization. His NBFC company is taken over by a well known bank where Amit works. Amit’s boss Aditya places Chanda (Amit’s wife) into Gowri’s team in a managerial role just to keep Amit happy. Lots of questions pop up as these adhoc placements are made, but they happen in real life too, so its not very surprising.

Amit too is moved to Gowri’s organization purportedly to rein him in … but they have a massive ego clash. In the backdrop the murky world of collections is explained through the suicide of a car driver and his entire family. The way the incentive scheme is designed is another interesting case study situation for rewarding the right behaviour … often, the incentive schemes help employees to hoodwink the system and the wrong behaviour is rewarded.

At the end you realise that Amit is the bigger politician as he manages to effectively remove Gowri from the NBFC without getting the blame on himself !! A rather dangerous kind of employee to have on your team.

This book too is an excellent read. Definitely recommended.

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