Day 29, part II – Andrassy Avenue

Sept 29, 2019 – Budapest, Hungary

As we completed our walk on the Pest side and walked back to the metro station, we came upon this bunch of musicians who were playing for the marathon/cycling event.

Musicians playing for the Marathon/Cycling event that was happening on the riverfront

We got off at the Kalvin Ter thinking that we can make the switch to the M3 line, but this station was under renovation. So we just got out on the ground level and started walking towards the Deak Ferenc Ter. We first came upon the Great Market Hall. It was closed today as it was a Sunday, but had an interesting array of stores.

The Great Market Hall
Several stores that make up the Great Market Hall

A little further and closer to the Deak Ferenc Ter, we found this bronze statue –

Bronze Sculpture of Kalvin Janos

We crossed over and went towards the St. Stephen’s square as we knew the lane opposite the cathedral was filled with restaurants. Interestingly we noticed on the map, that there was a “Govinda” restaurant (ISKCON’s restaurant chain). We followed the map towards it and after having lunch there, we started our walk back to the Airbnb near Heroes Square.

The Andrassy Avenue, inaugurated in 1885, is 2.5 kilometres long from the bustling Elizabeth Square to the Heroes’ Square/City Park. The entire road has amazing buildings on both sides and several bronze sculptures. We didn’t manage to capture all the bronze statues but did take a few photographs. On both sides of the avenue, you find top end stores like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors etc. Underneath the Andrassy Avenue, runs the Millennium Underground or M1 metro line.

The Andrassy Avenue is a UNESCO world heritage site since 2002. We didn’t know this till I looked up wikipedia !

The first bronze sculpture we came across was the newspaper boy !
A miniature version of Budapest across the chain bridge. This was on display on a cart outside. 
Dreschler Palace (the former Ballet Institute)
The Opera house under renovation. Its probably being relaunched as a hotel :(.

We stopped at a SPAR on the way to buy some refreshments and then sat on one of the beautiful benches that were kept across a small patch of green.

Beautiful benches to relax on
Another bronze sculpture of someone named “Jokai”
Yet another bronze sculpture across the road … but don’t know who this is
The famous Oktogon – the roads converge in a way that it looks like an Octagon. Don’t miss the Rolex and Huawei signboards

Just after crossing the Oktogon traffic lights, we came upon the “terror” museum… We didn’t get in, but it was fascinating to see that a museum was setup just to showcase the terror that communism unleashed. Wish we could do the same everywhere, especially in India.

A billboard outside the Terror museum
The OREX-HAZ, or Terror museum

We reached close to our Airbnb and I just took a picture of the beautiful Andrassy Avenue ….

The Andrassy Avenue closer to the Heroes Square

Tomorrow we leave from Budapest to get back to Vienna and then take the flight to India. A beautiful walk down Andrassy Avenue to complete our trip …. We will certainly be back to Budapest. There is more to discover in this stunning city and we didn’t have enough time in this trip.

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