Growing up Mom #4

Today we made our first trip of the year to Dr. Nehal Vora. Amma has been coughing really badly since last evening and she couldn’t sleep at all. Dr. Vora told her that its an allergic cough and that it had become an infection. She tried insisting that Amma should use a nebuliser but Mom was steadfast in her refusal, so she gave her a tablet instead :).

Apparently Amma is allergic to Cats ! We have discovered this accidentally. We visited my cousin’s place in Chennai, a day before we were returning to Delhi and she has cats for pets. Mom likes cats and dogs so she went up to their play area and was happy to see them. But as soon as we got back to the Airbnb, she came down with a cold. Right through the flight back to Delhi, she couldn’t eat much nor sleep a wink as the cold intensified and she also got a cough. Today when Dr. Vora asked us what we had done differently, I mentioned about the cats and she said that Amma was allergic to cats. That’s what apparently aggravated the cold and cough, plus the change in weather from Chennai to Delhi made it worse.

I tried convincing Amma to use the nebuliser but she flatly refused. Finally something triggered her and she agreed to do steam inhalation. I was happy that she agreed to do that atleast. I heated up water in an wide vessel and used a drop of the Yercaud green medicine which is excellent for colds and headaches. Now, the first thing Amma tried was to inhale the steam without covering her head in a towel, so I gave her a towel and told her to cover her head. Next, she refused to inhale … she would just exhale and move her face out of the towel to inhale :(. We got into a loud argument and she said, her eyes were stinging because of the menthol in the green medicine. I asked her to close her eyes and then do the steam inhalation. After some arguments she finally started inhaling the steam and it worked ! She felt a lot of relief. She did the steam inhalation twice more, of her own volition.

Appa tried reasoning with her that she needs to take a couple of doses of any medicine for it to take effect…. her impatience with being sick is so much that she expects to be totally fine after taking just one dose of any medicine. Today she repeated the same question to me – “Why haven’t I gotten better” and I gave her the same answer that Dad gave her, that you need to take atleast a couple of doses of the medicine before it shows results.

Praying hard that Amma is able to sleep peacefully tonight. The cough syrup should help with that. She is really struggling with the cough….

Updated with a pic from today (Jan 28th) –

Amma doing steam inhalation

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