Osho – Mahaparinirwan Day

Thanks to Swami Chaitanya Keerti, I became a part of a group of meditators in Gurgaon. One of the group members sent this picture over WhatsApp. The Master of Masters left his body on this day in 1990.

The literal translation is “If you feel like hurting/harming someone else, then remember that you are sowing the seed of getting hurt yourself. Because, that seed of wanting to hurt/harm someone else will fall on the soil of your heart, not in someone else’s heart. The seed is within you, the tree shall grow within you and you will eat the fruit too”.

When we visited Turkey in 2010, we brought back many “evil eye” protectors as souvenirs. You would find them everywhere in every single shop. In India we have “lemon and green chillies” as the evil eye protector. My mother removes the evil eye using salt, like many south Indians do. There are different ways that different cultures remove the evil eye….. but reading the above message from Osho, makes it obvious that the only place you can cast the evil eye is on yourself !!! You can never harm anyone else really. The very thought of harming will hurt you more and Karma will ensure you pay for it.

So stop thinking of harming anyone else – it won’t work. Hahahahahaha… how dumb we are.

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  1. very true . in tamizh we say andathil ullathu pindathil ullathu. the microcosm is the same as Macrocosm. every cell in the human structure reverberates to the cosmic brahmandam and no doubt what we throw out boomerangs on us. it is a cycle vinai vidaithavan vinai aruppan at the thought level too . be good do good think good and feel Good


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