Osho Story #8 – Mirror

I have started reading this book of Osho’s titled “I Am That” – these are his discourses on Isha Upanishad. The following story excerpt is on page 247.

“.. When Alexander the Great came to India.. and he came at a very right, ripe moment.. Buddha had left his body only three hundred years before; his vibe was still alive. People were still filled with the joy, with the silence that they have experienced in Buddha. He had gone, the flower has disappeared, but the fragrance was still in the air, still lingering. It lingered on at least for five hundred years.

Alexander was very much surprised; he had never felt such quality. He came across many people he had never come across in his whole life. They were strange – they talked a strange language, they lived a strange life. He was mystified.

He met a naked fakir and he was so much impressed by the man’s beauty, his grace, his silence, his bliss, that suddenly he felt his own poverty. And he was the conqueror of that time, the conqueror of the then known world, the greatest conqueror ever. And he felt his beggarliness before this naked beggar, because he could see he was empty. And this naked man was overflowing with meaning, with joy, with splendour.

Alexander begged from this beggar that, “Give me some gift that can be of help to me!”

The beggar pulled out a small mirror – so goes the story – from his bag, and gave the mirror to Alexander the Great. Seeing that it is just an ordinary mirror, and very cheap too, Alexander said, “Do you think this is such a great gift? From a man like you I was expecting something really miraculous!”

And the naked fakir laughed and he said, “It is more than you could have ever expected. Keep it safe for the day when the question arises in you ‘Who am I?’ and then look into it”.

Alexander could not resist the temptation. That very night when he was alone, he looked into the mirror and he was surprised : he saw his original face.

This must be a story, because no mirror can show you your original face – unless that mirror means meditation. Meditation can show you your original face. The story simply says that the beggar gave him the secret of meditation; it is a metaphorical way of saying. Meditation is a mirror. All the mirrors can only show the physical face, but meditation can show you your spiritual face.

And that’s what I am doing here.

Aaine bechta hun main andhon ke shahar main.

I am selling mirrors in the city of the blind.”…

What can I add ? Let me learn to meditate and see my original face – thats the only prayer. Thank You, Master.


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