Caught You !

On Sunday, while delivering milk, the milkman stood at the door till we picked up the milk packets because there was a big cat moving around on our floor. We forgot all about it but when we got back home after going over to Nishi’s place, as soon as we got out of the lift on our floor, we found pigeon feathers strewn all around !

As we got near the stairs we saw a cat and two tiny kittens moving away quickly. One of the kittens just got down one step and tried to hide from us. Caught that tiny ball of fur peaking over the step to see if we are gone.

The kitten on our floor

We informed the building maintenance to get these stray cats removed from the stairs because they were scavenging in the garbage and had caught a pigeon as well. I have never been fond of cats as pets, but they are so cute and cuddly, especially the kittens.

Seeing this kitten I was remembering my cousin Pavithra, who loves cats and they love her back ! When she came over to our Airbnb in Pune in March 2019, all the cats in that housing complex came by to say hello to her. There was of course one lazy cat that just looked up at her and went back to sleep. I guess Pavithra would have adopted this kitten or the entire cat family if she were here.

In Frankfurt we saw cat figurines on rooftops and cats were revered during the plague as they ate the disease causing rats. Nature has such an amazing food cycle that nothing goes to waste… except what we humans put out as waste. The most intelligent species forgets that Nature has created an abundant world, but it needs time for renewal and it has to be protected. Everything on Earth is not for consumption.



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