For my Soul Sister – A Handpainted Bishnupuri

Oct 24, 2019

I met her at the Chemistry lab of Wesley Women’s College, Secunderabad, the day I joined the college. A common friend and a senior Meera had introduced us and it was like friendship on first sight. Vidya is my soul sister and one of my closest friends since 1987 (To my Soul-sister !). Oct 24th was her birthday and in keeping with my 50th birthday celebration this year, I wore a new saree.

Interestingly, this saree was a gift from Swapna when she was here and we visited Dilli Haat.

This saree is a Bishnupuri Handpainted Silk, with Radha and Krishna painted in the Pallu. So gorgeous ! One of the few red sarees that I have – most of my reds are mostly maroon or darker reds. The saree has three parts – main body is red in colour, then a small part in white where smaller sized Radha-Krishna motif is painted and then the black Pallu which has the massive Radha-Krishna motif.



Coincidentally on 24th Oct this year, my school friend Ranjeet visited us and here’s a pic of Krishnan and I with Shalu and Ranjeet. While Ria took the picture and Amma was also around, we don’t have a proper pic that captures all of us :).

The two Taureans that Shalu and I deal with are sitting together :):).

I didn’t get a chance to wear a matching neckpiece but I have just the right colour that will go with this saree. So next time will get a picture with the accessories !

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