Day 26 – Finding the man with a fish bowl

Sept 26, 2019 – Vienna, Austria

I had bought a body cream jar from “Rituals” the last time we were there. When I took it out to pack, I realised that the lid was cracked. So we decided to complete the packing in the morning and then go over to Mariahilfer street again to the same Rituals store and get the jar replaced. I also wanted to find the street art titled “Man with a fish bowl” which seemed to be in the same area as the man with a little girl on his shoulders.

Infact my interest in Vienna street art was triggered by this particular mural. The address that I had for this mural was – Magdalenenstraße 20. This street was close to Mariahilfer street. We took the U4 metro towards Heiligenstadt and got off at the next station Spittelau. Made the trek towards U6 and took that going towards Siebenherten. We got off at Westbahnhof and made the switch to U3 like on the 24th and reached ZigligerGasse station, which is on Mariahilfer street. Using the google maps we walked towards Magdalenenstraße and finally got to see the Man with the fish bowl.

This mural is done by “Inoperable”.

The Magdalenenstraße … its a residential place with the odd number buildings on one side and even number buildings on the opposite side. This is the numbering convention in Vienna 🙂

On our way back to Mariahilfer street, we sat down on a bench and ate our lunch. Then we got onto the steps shown below to walk further uphill towards Mariahilfer street.

Notice the ramp made on the right side of these steps and then on the left again after the first landing.

The ramps have obviously been made more recently and this is a great idea that we can adopt in India where steps have been created – a corner can be set aside and ramps made for those on a wheelchair. Accessibility improves significantly. Infact this should be done in the high-rise condos as well.

On Mariahilfer street we first went to the Spar supermarket to buy some snacks for our trip to Budapest tomorrow and then just walked all the way till Westbahnhof just to figure out how that station was connected. At the Spar store, the young girl at the checkout counter commented on my saree saying it was a pretty one :):). I was thrilled that she knew about the saree and didn’t call it a costume ! On the way to the Westbahnhof station we found a well stocked “Milka” chocolate store. Just took a picture and nothing else.

A well stocked “Milka” store
The Westbahnhof station as seen from the corner of the Mariahilfer street.

We then went to the Rituals store and got the jar replaced. The young lady who was there on the 24th was nowhere to be seen and another young man helped us. We also went into the WMF store to see whether they had any of the Cormorgan series of saucepans that we had seen in Munich. They had none of that but a whole lot of other things. As we walked back towards the metro station, we found a Bosch store and got in there. We both love all appliances and Bosch has some amazing stuff. We found a mixer grinder that was sleek and really nice but we had no space to carry it back, so we decided to pass. There was some sort of promotion going on and many young volunteers were giving out nut/chocolate bars and Krishnan and I got one each. They were full of nuts and dried fruit and very tasty !

We returned back the same way and when we got off at Spittelau station, we saw this massive dome through the window … It seems like its part of some sort of amusement park.

We got off at Friedensbrucke and got out from the opposite side of the station and walked towards the bridge. Found this amusing poster on the main road – “Wedding and Funeral band” …. one wouldn’t think of both together :):)

On the way back to the Airbnb we also went into the Billa store near the Airbnb as I wanted to get some rice. The rice that I had bought a week back was too mushy and highly polished, so I got myself organic basmati rice at Billa.

Got back to the Airbnb and completed our packing. We were leaving one of the suitcases at the Wien Hauptbahnhof luggage locker as we were in Budapest for just a couple of days. So packed accordingly. I also didn’t want to repack too much when we got back on the 30th.

Vienna felt like home … and its a bit sad that we are leaving tomorrow. Am sure we will be back to spend more time in this city. 🙂

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