Apne Log, Apni Dukaan – Munich diaries

Days 10 to 14 – Sept 10 to 14, 2019 Munich, Germany

Last year we had come over to Anu and Keshav’s place on the 13th of Sept, but since Keshav was travelling from the 13th, we decided to come early this time and spend a few days with them. It was like being at home for a few days – from seeing Keshav at the Munich station to waking up everyday to great tea/coffee and even better food, non-stop chatter about everything and then of course the visit(s) to our favourite “bartan ki dukaan” Karstadt :):). Karstadt is a massive superstore that has literally everything but my favourite section is where they sell steel utensils. So I call it “bartan ki dukaan”, which would be insulting it but I mean it with lots of love, so I hope I am forgiven.

We reached Munich on the 9th and immediately on the 10th, our first outing was to Karstadt. This time we spent some time in the luggage section because one of the suitcases we had brought, was not moving well and since it was the bigger of the two suitcases that we carried with us, it was difficult to drag it around. Ofcourse, Anu, Krishnan and I just browsed and shortlisted a few that were interesting, but we couldn’t buy any without the luggage expert Keshav. He joined us after work and Krishnan and he went back to the luggage section to make the final choice, while Anu and I refused to move from the “bartan” section. Keshav reluctantly agreed to get a purple coloured suitcase …. reluctant because it had only four wheels and not twin wheels on each end. Anu and I walked down to the luggage section and I remembered that I had seen a suitcase from “Brics” (a German brand) on sale. I pulled that out and Keshav was very happy because that is a good brand and had twin wheels. The shop representative had to bring out a new piece and put back the other purple coloured one. We happily trudged up to the vessels section and the men got the billing done.

Anu and I had also spent time in the shoes section and found some interesting shoes…. we didn’t buy anything because the one I liked, Anu didn’t and it just didn’t work out. We were hungry by then, so all of us just went down to the Pizza store in Hbf and got the same table like last year.

In front of Apni Dukaan Karstadt. Picture credits – Anu using her selfie arm 🙂
In the U-Bahn getting back

After we got back home, Krishnan had to go over to Sarcletti’s, the ice cream shop near Keshav’s house. We went over and while everyone had ice creams in an ice cream shop, yours truly decided to have hot chocolate !! It was lukewarm and a massive cup at that….

Note the massive lukewarm cup of hot chocolate amidst amazing ice cream :):)

The next day, we went shoe hunting. Actually, Anu wanted to try the Galleria store that is near their house. So in the morning we walked in there and found sandals by Ecco, a brand that is a little expensive but also of great quality. The sandals that I liked weren’t available in my size, so we decided to go to the Ecco store in Marienplatz and try there. We also walked down to the pots and pans section and I found two cute steel saucepans from the same brand that we had bought last time – WMF Cormorgan Series. I bought two nested saucepans and actually the Galleria here seemed to have a better collection than Karstadt this time.

Later in the evening we went to Marienplatz and to the bigger Galleria there. Luckily I found a pair of amazing Ecco shoes that were on a sale.

We grabbed them immediately and then as we walked out, Anu insisted that we should have hot chocolate at Rischart. Am I glad that she insisted – it was the best hot chocolate that I have ever had !! We also got waffles packed from the “Waffle & Friends” store at Hbf… Keshav had introduced this store to me last time and their waffles are mouth watering.

The next day we went to the Indian store as I wanted to stock up a few items for the rest of our trip. The shop owners were from Delhi (Yay) and had amazing inventory. I got some rice and pickle for the trip. We decided to go to the Al Natura store and buy some of the sauces and Ghee there. I wanted milk powder and thats when Anu and Keshav introduced us to the milk concentrate ! Its with 10% fat and a 165 gm bottle will last a long time as you need just a teaspoon full for tea.

I bought a couple of these bottles and then picked out a few different sauces and we were all set for our Zagreb trip.

No trip to Munich can be complete without an Amazon delivery …. this time it was a multi charger that Keshav got Krishnan interested in. Krishnan has a liking for gadgets and loved this multi charger that Keshav had, so it was ordered on Amazon immediately – I received the delivery and the Amazon delivery man saw my bindi and saree and immediately said “India?, Oh I like India and Indians”. I told him I liked Germany, which is the truth ! Keshav also tempted Krishnan with a foldable keyboard …. but we didn’t buy it… Yet.

Keshav left for his office trip on the 13th and we left for Zagreb on the 14th. Anu came with us to the Hauptbahnhof. We stopped at the Hbf Rischart to buy some stuff to eat on the way and Anu bought me another hot chocolate. As we neared our platform, some company was distributing yellow cloth bags as part of their anniversary celebration. All of us got a piece each. The bags were of really good quality and it was convenient to carry the small eats that we had bought at Rischart. There was a change in platform for the train but we were able to get in easily as Anu was around to help.

We all were a little sad as we said our goodbyes because we really enjoy spending time with each other. Hopefully we get together in Delhi later this year as Anu and Keshav come over.

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