Before we know the winner …

… of the Cricket World Cup 2019, I want to know whose head is rolling for the poor show by the Indian team during the Semis. While its perfectly fine to support our team when they win or lose, accountability for a loss has to be fixed. The Indian cricket team and BCCI cannot be like the CONgress party with no accountability !

Out of curiosity I checked out the BCCI Presidents’ list and am posting a snapshot of who all have been Presidents of the richest cricket board of the world –

Screen Shot taken from Wikipedia

Except for Mr. Dungarpur, Sunil Gavaskar and Shivlal Yadav, I don’t see any cricket player of repute managing the cricket board !! This looks exactly like IAS officers deciding on matters related to the Armed Forces. I remember the ugly spats that happened with N. Srinivasan and his enemy camps for control of the BCCI. All that being said, when will this august body be rid of politicians ?

Next I looked up the coaches that we have had. Even someone like me who follows the game sporadically, remembers the hellish period when Greg Chappell messed up our cricket and the golden period of Gary Kirsten when we won the 2011 world cup. Here’s the  list –

Screen shot taken from Wikipedia

I have nothing much to say about Duncan Fletcher, but who exactly is Sanjay Bangar ? Who made him the coach even for a few months in 2016 and why is he continuing as the Assistant coach now? What has been Ravi Shastri’s contribution as a coach, except undermining M.S.Dhoni??

In the match that we lost to New Zealand, what advise did Ravi Shastri have for the team when the three greats – Rahul, Rohit and Virat got out on 1 each in quick succession ? Gossip says it was Sanjay Bangar who took the decision of not sending Dhoni in at No. 5 but lower down …. really? Isn’t it the coach who needs to be thinking on behalf of and together with the team? Its useless to spout off motherhood statements like “Dhoni is the greatest finisher… so we needed him lower down”. I know you win some and you lose some, but giving away a game is not fair and thats what happened during the semis. If everyone had played well and we still lost by a run or two, or the pitch behaved badly and the opponents bowled really well and we were outplayed, I wouldn’t mind losing – but this was a sitter, and we have the famed deep batting lineup with world record holders all the way to No. 7…

Why is no one sacking a Ravi Shastri? Why is no one sacking a Sanjay Bangar? Why get after Dhoni as the fall guy ? From Sachin to Sanjay Manjrekar to Mayanti Langer, everyone is talking of this being Dhoni’s last world cup, almost insisting that he should retire ! Why? Looks like it hurts to see a super fit 38 year old running faster than men half his age :):). Sourav Ganguly was the smartest cricket captain we had before the great M S Dhoni and he was furious with the decision to send MSD lower down the order. I may know nothing about cricket but Ganguly knows whatever there is to know.

Here’s my prediction – MSD will be part of the winning team in 2023 as the coach of the Indian Cricket team. Just hoping that the politicians at BCCI don’t continue with the politician Ravi Shastri !

p.s – I don’t like Ravi Shastri, have never liked him as a player nor as a commentator and I don’t like the Mumbai coterie that tries to control everything in Indian cricket. I also don’t like Sachin Tendulkar and I certainly don’t like Sanjay Manjrekar. None of these guys know I exist and my liking or disliking them doesn’t matter to anyone except me :):):). In the same vein, I like MSD, Virat Kohli and Bhuvaneshwar Kumar – again, none of these guys know I exist :). 

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