Thank You, Dr. Bharat Inder Singh

The first time we met you was in 2010 when Krishnan had his disc rupture and Rajesh told us about you. We walked into your consultation room and you listened to Krishnan and asked him to take off his shirt …. asked me to check his spinal chord to see if I see a slight curvature as you were not very good at these things :):). Then you spent the next hour explaining how the human body functions mechanically and the kind of exercise that Krishnan needed to do to keep surgery away. The best part was, as you were explaining the exercises to Krishnan in English, I was translating into Tamil (I don’t know why, because Krishnan understands English perfectly well!) and you turned around to me and quipped – “Its the first time in my life that a Tamilian is translating for a Sardar”. We asked you if Krishnan can resume cycling which was a passion of ours at that time and you said your famous words – “The idea of doing these exercises is to help you live your life fully and do all the things you want to do. Just learn to listen to your body and stick to the exercise routine.” You suggested some changes to Krishnan’s posture while cycling and asked him to get onto the saddle the same evening if he so wanted to. Doc, you became a friend in the very first consultation !

We met you a couple of times after that and we sent every friend of ours with “mechanical” issues in their body to you. Each time we met you, we learnt a little more about you and your unique philosophy about staying healthy. In Aug 2013, I messed up my knees and I waited till I could come from Bangalore and consult you. We were living in Bangalore for a year and a half for work at that time. You again explained the mechanics of the knee joint and asked me to restart my cycling as a way to strengthen the leg muscles. Then in Jan 2014 when Krishnan had acute sciatica pain that didn’t let him get off the ground early in the morning, I called you and you prescribed some medicine on the phone. Nothing helped and when Krishnan sent you the scans of his back, you agreed to his getting surgery done.

We met you again on Nov 29, 2016 with my shoulder problem and at that time you explained about the “text neck” condition and the right way to use the cellphone ! Little did we know that it was the last time we were meeting you … We spoke at that time about your daughter and her friend who was insisting that you had to do her “kanya-daan” and we invited you home again to have south Indian food.

You left yesterday, taking a rain check on that invite to our house to have idli-dosa….

When Rajesh messaged me in the morning yesterday about your leaving, Krishnan and I were truly saddened for you have touched our lives deeply and have been an inspiration for us. We knew you were unwell, we even asked BKS Iyengar’s grand-daughter if there was a cure for your condition when we were in Pune in March… and when we checked with Rajesh, he said, it was too late for any treatment. So we let it be.

Will we miss you? Heck Yes… as will scores of people whose life got your healing touch. But we know for a fact that Karma will make you keep your promise and you will come home to relish South Indian food in another lifetime. So long Doc, will remember your advise and stay healthy till we meet again at yet another healing cross road. There are no permanent goodbyes between friends. Om Shanti.

Taken from the Max hospital website

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