Climate Change? No just Mother Nature having fun !!

The last week was scorching… the week before that was also scorching …. the week before that was also scorching ! On April 4th the weather was really pleasant and on April 5th winter turned into summer overnight. Last week one of the days the temperature in Delhi reached 48 DEGREE CENTIGRADE. Four people died in Jhansi due to the unbearable heat…

The dash of our car showed 48 Deg on June 2nd when we went to our CA’s place in Ashok Vihar. I couldn’t touch the steering wheel inspite of covering it with a thick white cloth. The temperature inside the house is 36 to 38 deg at 4.30 am. I took pictures –

The temperature inside the house on 10th of June
The temperature inside the house on 11th of June

There is water scarcity everywhere and the hill stations have traffic jams. But we still would like to believe that all is well and Mother Earth will go on giving ! Climate change is just a topic for conferences. Its terribly sad that the human race is so oblivious to the impending disaster that it has brought upon itself.

The rampant use of plastics, the population explosion, increase in meat consumption and massive use of pesticides all have contributed to these less than ordinary weather conditions. Take for instance the dust storm that Gurgaon experienced in the evening today.

The dust storm advancing towards DLF Phase 4 at 6.31 pm

Within 3 minutes our condominium complex was covered and the winds were howling…

The dust storm at 6.34 pm

Even though we raced to close all the windows, there was a fine patina of dust almost everywhere ! We have seen dusty winds during Feb/Mar and sometimes April, but these dust storms have become almost a regular feature now. Last year on April 6th we had a similar experience along with rains and we lost our awning to that dust storm. 49th birthday … the calm after the storm !

In the evening today for almost an hour dust swirled everywhere and then everything cleared up without any rains. The heat continues unabated.

Mother Earth is complaining and loudly… but who is paying any heed to her cries for help? We keep having children, if not our own then atleast use a surrogate to propagate one’s genes ! We want to eat more and more meat without concern for the environment or our own health and I just saw a video that says the “bio-degradable” plastic-like bags are really not bio-degradable except under certain circumstances. So we are within inches of being done in by Nature and whoever is left behind, water-scarcity will kill them or some trigger-happy lunatic with his finger on a nuclear bomb will.

I am rarely pessimistic, but when it comes to environmental issues, our collective stupidity seems to just grow not diminish. We seem hell bent on not leaving a green Earth for our children. Please watch this short video that was created for World Environment Day last year by Tata Pravesh (a division of Tata Steel). Doorway to Green

Deeply worrying !

2 thoughts on “Climate Change? No just Mother Nature having fun !!”

  1. It’s alarming and crying out loud , the planet , the life .
    Beautiful video , awakens one from within …
    thank you for your presence Bindu . It’s reassuring, when the world has people like you . We would be a part of those committed people who would bring about the change .


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