Kumbh 2019 – Report 1

We reached the Kumbh village by 11.45 am a full two hours late 😀. Vandana reached ten minutes before us. We took the Poorvottar express last night and it reached Prayag Raj a full 1.5 hours late.

But one look at the Prayag Raj station and some of our irritation went out – it was clean. The first two pictures in the collage below show two platforms. The other fantastic thing was all the walkways are disabled friendly – they are all ramps, no steps !! There are enough policemen and paramilitary folk to keep things in order and lots of volunteers to help.

We walked out of the station and one young man told us he will take us to our place of stay in his “share” auto that he would bring exclusively for us and not take additional passengers. We were thrilled to see the streets of Prayag Raj being clean … our recent memory is from May 2018 and the city was filthy. Is it spotless, no, but it’s definitely not filthy.

We were pleasantly surprised to see our auto driver apologise to a traffic volunteer for having overtaken the wrong way !! Imagine … a UP driver apologising to a traffic cop … I would not have believed it if we hadn’t seen it ourselves.

See the massive arrangements all along the way … the tents, the rows upon rows of toilets and huge numbers of boats. This is genuinely MASSIVE. Whatever be your political leanings, Yogi Adityanath deserves all the KUDOS for organising this almost flawlessly.

Will eat lunch and head out to the Sangam and other places to see. Next report later at night or tomorrow.

So proud of my country and our UP brothers and sisters for organising something this massive so well. Jai Hind. Bhavya Kumbh. Divya Kumbh.

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