Osho Story #2 – Nothingness

The most sold book of Osho is probably “From Sex to Superconsciousness”… it bothered a lot of people and the title with the word sex probably titillated some. Even today, when Krishnan and I tell some folks that we have taken Sannyas, the first question is whether it means we are celibate !!! Humanity is so obsessed with sex that it occupies our mindspace the most – just watch the adverts for deodorants in India and tell me if I am wrong. Every deodorant makes women swoon over men or makes the wearer a magnet. :):)

Osho of course ended up being called the “Sex guru”. Not that he had a problem with it, but it was something so far removed from who he was that it just ends up being funny.

The story I have stumbled upon today is from his book titled “From Sex to Superconsciousness” and here goes –

“…. Well revered monk Nagsen was sent for by the emperor Malind to grace the court. The courtier went to Nagsen and said ‘Monk Nagsen! The emperor wishes to see you. I have come to invite you.’ Nansen : ‘If you want me I will come but you will pardon me that there is no person like Nagsen here. Its only a name, a temporary one.’ The messenger reported to the emperor that very strange man was he. He had replied that he would come but there was no man like Nagsen there. The emperor was wonderstruck. Nagsen arrived on time in royal chariot and the emperor received him at the gate. ‘Monk Nagsen, I welcome you !’ he said. On hearing this the monk started laughing : ‘I accept your hospitality as Nagsen but please remember that there is nobody named Nagsen.’ The emperor said : ‘You are talking in riddles. If you are not, who is accepting the invitation? Who is replying to this welcome ?’ Nagsen looked back and said ‘Isn’t this the chariot I came in?’ ‘Yes, it is the same’. The monk : ‘Please remove the horses’. It was done. The monk, pointing to the horses asked : ‘Is this the chariot?’ The emperor said : ‘How can the horses be the chariot ?’ At a sign from the monk, the horses were led away, and also at his instance the poles, used to tie the horses were removed. ‘Are these poles your chariot?’ ‘How can these poles be called a chariot?’ Then, the wheels were taken out. ‘Are these wheels your chariot?’ ‘Of course not, these are the wheels not the chariot.’ The monk went on ordering the removal of all the parts, one by one, and to each the emperor had to say it was not the chariot. Nothing remained at last. The monk asked : ‘Where is your chariot now? To each and every item taken out, you stated that it was not your chariot … Then tell me, where is the chariot now?’

The revelation startled the emperor. The monk continued : ‘Did you follow ? The chariot was an assemblage. It was a collection of certain things. The chariot had no being of its own. Please search where your ego is, your ‘I’. You will find that ‘I’ is nowhere : it is the corporation of many energies and that is all. You go on thinking about each and every limb of yours, each and every aspect of yourself. Everything will be eliminated one after the other and ultimately nothingness will remain. Love is born of that nothingness because you are not that nothingness ; that nothingness is God.’

The next story that follows in the book is even more interesting and its a story that Krishnan likes a lot. Will share that next week. Till then keep dismantling your chariot and searching for your “I” ….. hopefully you stumble upon nothingness.


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